Okular Reviews

Works great on Linux

Positive Review by Goffy
about Okular Jul 2015

Happy with it so far. Great as a default viewer, but sometimes is slow to launch.


Fast and versatile

Positive Review by RemovedUser
about Okular and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Mar 2014

After having to cope with Adobe Reader for years, it was a revelation to switch to GNU/Linux and discover Okular. This is more than just a pdf viewer. It can open almost everything: ps, images, ebooks, svg, even work files for GIMP(xcf), Adobe Illustrator(ai) and Photoshop(psd).

As with most open source projects, the strongest argument for Okular is its high customizability. There are tons of keyboard shortcuts and almost everything can be modified. Especially the option to adjust the performance to your system capacities (from "low" to "greedy") is very helpful.

When opening big files with Adobe Reader (e.g. scanned Books), it starts to lag as it is only allowing you to scroll down as far as the file has been loaded. Not with Okular. It scrolls down smoothly and then starts to load the page where you stopped.

What you will recognize only after working for some time with this program, is its intelligent design to optimize the workflow for powerusers, noticeable only through subtle details that make a big difference. Take the "hand"- tool. If you grab the page of a long document and drag it down, your cursor will not stop at the bottom of the screen. It will instead reappear at the top edge of your screen, thus allowing you to scroll endlessly without mousewheel or navigation bar. If you Leftclick+Drag, you can select rectangular boxes. The text inside is automatically parsed and you can either paste it to your clipboard, safe the box as a screenshot or search the web for the selected words. If your system supports the Back/Forward- buttons of your mouse (which is not always given on GNU/Linux) , you can use them to jump back in the document to where you stopped previously. Very helpful if you are reading a scientific paper and just want to recheck that one formula two pages back and then continue reading.

Overall, this is a great pdf viewer for systems with KDE. Unfortunately, it is not available as standalone application for Windows. You'll have to install the KDE environment first.