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Number Analytics is a dropbox of statistical analysis software.

Positive Review by docuqueen
about Number Analytics and Deducer, RStudio, IBM SPSS Statistics Jul 2015

I was trying to find IBM SPSS alternatives for my data analysis task. I tried PSPP, R studio, R Deducer, and other open source programs for data analysis. However, most of open source programs are hard to install. I spent hours to install PSPP installing MacPort, Xcode from iTunes store, and other libraries but failed to install at all. It is notorious for Mac users, and not designed to work on Mac. You need another layer like X11, MacPort to work which made me crazy. For OSX 10.7 you can install relatively easily, but OSX 10.8 above, you have to go through hours configurations. Don't try it if you are using a Mac.

Number Analytics saves my life. You sign up the web, then you are ready to go. No installation at all. It works on your browser nothing to install so it works with PC, MAC, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android phone. Wow, it is much simpler to use than SPSS.

The one thing I don't like is that it supports only CSV file. You can't just upload Excel file. But it is not a big deal. I can save as a CSV file in Excel with a few click.

I strongly recommend Number Analytics if you are looking for SPSS alternatives.

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