Notezilla Reviews

great program

Positive Review by giladwainreb
about Notezilla 5 days ago

Great flexibility and usability


Multifunctional and highly customizable

Positive Review by dulcymcfarland
about Notezilla 11 days ago

Love this! It does everything I wanted from a sticky note app. Thank you Notezilla for all of the detail you have put into this and your customer service (quick response when I had a question).

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Fantastic sticky notes

Positive Review by kirillvorobyev1111
about Notezilla Nov 2016

What I've searched for. Brilliant app. Easy to use and great quality.



Positive Review by maricoleman
about Notezilla Oct 2016

I have been using Notezilla for several years in my small business. I dont know what we would do without this program. This is a great way to save and send messages.


Love this...

Positive Review by argiletuminsayahoocom
about Notezilla Oct 2016

Use Notezilla every day for work. Syncs across my devices, fully customizable.... what's not to like? Never looked back at the indiginous Windows sticky app (that's prone to lose your data)


NoteZilla: An Effective Answer to Effective Productivity

Positive Review by johnderricklim
about Notezilla Oct 2016

Customizable Features
Easy to use
Friendly support team

Full-transparency option

In a sea of alternatives to the default "Sticky" notes application, NoteZilla manages to stand out with its customizable features, little-none impact on performance, and easy usability.

Currently, there are countless of apps which try to be 'THE go-to sticky notes' solution. But a lot of these are simply replicas of the default sticky notes built into windows. NoteZilla, however, brings a lot to the table. From simple color customizability, all the way to screen resolution scaling/adaptation. All these features set NoteZilla apart from the competition.

What I like the best about NoteZilla is its capability to look 'less sticky-notes-like'. All other sticky apps seem to have this goal of making the desktop look as if it was built in the 90s. Although NoteZilla sets this old/classic style as default, the customizable features make it possible for the desktop to look fresh and modern.

All in all, NoteZilla is the best 'sticky-notes' alternative out there. (this is if one is willing to pay for its price which in my opinion, is easy to justify. 4.9/5


Notezilla...The best app that allows you to keep up with everything that's quickly going through your mind and syncs it among devices.

Positive Review by bobbyhowerton
about Notezilla Sep 2016

I started using Notezilla, from ConceptWorld, a little over a month ago. Since then this has been the best app I think I have ever found. Let me tell you why:
I am constantly on the go. I rarely have a pen/pencil and paper to write things or thoughts down, but I always have my Samsung Galaxy S6 Active smartphone. There are so many thoughts that go through my mind of what I need to do later today or tomorrow or next week for example…I can’t remember them all. Well that is where Notezilla comes into play and saves the day for me. No matter where I am or what I am doing when something comes to mind that I don’t want to forget I just open my Notezilla app and tap the + sign to create a note. I can then either type the note in or speak it using my phone’s built in microphone. I can give the note a title and even change the color. The notes that are created look like the real 3m Post-it notes. After the note is saved, automatically mind you, it is saved in the cloud. Then when I get home and log into my computer…on the desktop I see my note that I created on my phone. Now if this note is something that I want to stay on top of all windows (where I can constantly see it then I can click the pushpin icon and it will move to the top or front of all opened windows, browsers, and any other running applications. You can also change the color and opacity of the note in Windows. On the flip side, if I am working on something on my computer and I need to create a note to remind me of something the next day while on a job site for example…then all I have to do is create a note in windows and it will automatically show up on my phone. You can also easily search through all notes either on the computer or the phone. If you reset your phone or computer don’t worry about all of your notes because they are still there and when you install the app or software and log in…you will find all of your notes. There are so many other features that you get with Notezilla it would be almost impossible to go over everyone right now. But you can follow this link and go to their website, read all of the benefits and features and try it out for 30 days. You will be glad you did and wonder why you had not done this in the past. I think that this is the best app and software around that will help us take control of all of the constantly changing thoughts in our everyday lives. Here is the link:


Love Notezilla! 1 Helpful

Positive Review by marjha
about Notezilla Sep 2016

Started using Notezilla quite a while ago for personal it because it is simple to use first of all. There isn't a day that goes by that I do not use it.
Frankly, I do not think I could function without it on a daily basis. I then started to use it for work. Being on one project, then another, it was so valuable on documenting things. I really like the lock feature for added security. Now, being able to synch your files from desktop to phone is great.


Notezilla Reviews 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Ekaterina
about Notezilla Aug 2016

These sticker notes are really excellent. You can choose between all the existent colours and shades, both for the background and for the text (great news if you are tired of using always the same orange/rose/apple green...). Besides, you can stick the notes to any window: word file, folder, browser...). And all your stickers will be synchronized with the cloud and the phone. Very useful combination of functions. I'm happy with this application.


A great alternative to Stickies

Positive Review by send
about Notezilla Aug 2016


-Intuitive interface
-Better GUI

- Shareware (It means you have to paid for it.)

- You should give it a try if you're now using Stickies.


Notezilla--A Winner 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Skookum8
about Notezilla Aug 2016

Imagine this: an app that's not only easy to set up & use, with an intuitive interface that doesn't leave you wondering, "ok, so how do I do this?" every time you go to use it -- but is actually 100% useful 100% of the time? Notezilla is all this & more. Yes, it's a sticky note app, but it's actually a useful sticky note app, and that's what makes the difference. I've only started using it & am already addicted & am still discovering all the things I can do with it, and thinking up new uses for it. I especially love how I can "stick" a note to any open window -- webpage, email, application, document, whatever I'm working on. I can make a note, write a reminder, set an alarm or grab some research detail, add a tag if I want to, stick it to the window, close the webpage or app -- the note disappears, out of the way. Then when I open that window again, voila! There's my sticky note. You can set up memo boards (like visual filing cabinets), use tags, search, apply simple formatting, set skins, appearance & even check lists. You can also sync stickies across your devices. Best little surprise app I've found in years -- I use it daily!


The most convenient & lovely way to organize your notes

Positive Review by robinsonhood
about Notezilla Jul 2016

The most convenient & lovely way to organize your notes, Easy to use awesome application. Worth trying


Best In Class

Positive Review by michaelt1
about Notezilla Jul 2016

This is much more than a sticky note app. So many excellent features designed to improve time and productivity. Ive been using it for years! I strongly recommend checking out the free trial version!



Positive Review by wecandoitforu
about Notezilla Jul 2016

I started my career when computers still required you to type commands at the C: prompt so needless to say, note taking was on good old-fashion pen and paper; for someone in my age group, pen & paper is still my preferred method of jotting down quick notes, but the downside to that is you end up with a thousand forgotten sticky notes all over the place that end up getting overlooked because they are not organized in any particular fashion, nor do they start jumping up and down to remind you that they need to be addressed. The beauty of this app, is that aesthetically, they look just like my beloved little Post-it Notes, but instead of the paper dummies, these guys have brains! They pop up right on your computer screen or mobile with use of reminders; you can pin them to websites or other apps to pop up when you open a particular website (for example, if I am online shopping at Sam's Club for supplies, my shopping list will pop up when I open the website; furthermore, I can also use that same note to pop up with my log-in credentials so I don't have to refer to my credential list or enter my password 10 times before remembering what it is; worried about safety? well you can lock the note too! so if it pops up with any log in credential info in it, you have 1 master password in your head to unlock it - no more remembering 5000 site log-in credentials.) I can go on and on about this app and why I love it, but if your brain doesn't operate in "tags", this app is for you (even though it has "tag" options for the younger "tag-thinking" generation, lol); I have been using for years and highly recommend to anyone who loves Post-it Notes on steroids! The only thing I would love to see from Notezilla, is a downloadable mobile app that has a prettier and more user friendly interface than its current and long time web based mobile service :((