Notepad++ Reviews

Its notepad 2.0 basically

Positive Review by Kagerjay
about Notepad++ 5 days ago

Its not as feature rich out of the box as something like Sublime text, Visualstudio code, or

But its extremely dead simple to use which makes it a great app to use alongside an actual IDE or development environment

If you know you need to only edit one file, Notepad++ is great for this


Hosts files, random files in your PC, etc are all good examples to use this

Otherwise, do development elsewhere


Easy to use,tabbed and is great for editing code files

Positive Review by SecurityChecker
about Notepad++ May 2017

I Love Notepad++ it is great with editing files like .exe its more for developers it is not going to replace Microsoft Word but is going to at least going to replace Notepad as I said not for daily use but very useful for editing files that don't require fonts or customization

I am very happy with Notepad++


Political statements have no place in an application

Negative Review by OuaSdate
about Notepad++ May 2017

I used to love this editor until the developer decided to push his personal/political stance through one of his updates. I won't go into details, but I found it unacceptable. Believe what you want, but don't shove it down my throat!


Easy, Functional and Free: Review of Notepad++ 2 Helpful

Review by http380filmscom
about Notepad++ Dec 2015

The first thing that grabbed my attention when searching on Notepad++, was the two plus signs. Why “++” ? Why not just one “+”? Technical Communicators tend to be an inquisitive lot, and I’m no exception. I found there already is a NotePad+, which is, courtesy of Wikipedia, a “text editor for Windows operating systems and is intended as a replacement for the Notepad editor installed by default on Windows.” First question answered.
What does Notepad++ do?

I needed to decide if it is a worthy successor to Notepad, an application I use every day, all the time. The first item in its favor: Notepad++ is open source, so if you’re working directly with HTML or CSS, Notepad++ can do lots of things fancy HTML editors can do, and it is free to download.

Notepad++ does document comparisons: You can see two documents at the same time, and have the differences highlighted. This could really be handy. Think about all the times when you have a newer version of an older file and need to see if you can safely ditch the old one. You need to compare the differences side by side. You can do this in Microsoft Word, but it’s kind of clumsy. Notepad++ can do this very easily, with .txt, .html, and .xml .php files Like this [Home Page]( ).

I ran into trouble with Dual Mode (also called Compare Mode) because my version of Notepad++ did not have the compare function built in. I had to install it. But as an open source tool, Notepad ++ has benefited from the fact that lots of people have been creating cool plugins for some time.


Good coding editor, but with its own "things" 1 Helpful

Review by JackFosters
about Notepad++ Sep 2015

Developers mostly like to use Linux. I need to edit the code on my Windows. Notepad is simple, and it has many options with lining, seek and many others. Not every user will like it, 'cause there are many tools to do it.
I haven't found anything else more simple, so I will recommend it to anyone who needs an app to browse or edit the code.
Negative piece - sometimes it may brake the leveling. It's really bad.


All of my love

Positive Review by HairiestE
about Notepad++ Jan 2015

Need to have when you want to code


Very Useful

Positive Review by Aguil
about Notepad++ Nov 2014

They do a great job.


Perfect editor 1 Helpful

Positive Review by ExpertDownloader
about Notepad++ Nov 2014

I am a computer programmer, this is one of my most powerful tools


Awesome but not lightweight anymore - Be careful about extensions -2 Helpful

Review by JuliusAnger
about Notepad++ and WinMerge, PhraseExpress Nov 2012

Notepad++ tries to do everything which I don't like. Developer, please stick to its core purpose. If I want to compare files, I use Winmerge. If I need a spelling checker, I use Word, if I need boilerplate templates, I use Phrase Express and so on.

Security concern: I received an update notice for an extension and a strange file was copied (sadly i don't remenmber the name anymore). make sure to try in a vm before installing such updates.

Other than that: Thumbs up for Notepad++!


Still crappy -3 Helpful

Negative Review by blackboard
about Notepad++ and Geany, PSPad Sep 2011

I just tried this again. It's still crappy, full of bugs, crashes, etc. Whatever features it has aren't worth it if they don't work. I tried PSPad, it's better, but I'm still testing others. Geany is the next one I'll try.


Lightweight, powerful, and fast 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Muntoo
about Notepad++ Jul 2011

Ultra-powerful, yet having a ultra-light footprint, this brilliantly designed more-than-just-a-text-editor can do whatever you could want out of it. Notepad++ makes it easy to jump in for first-time users, and doesn't cause pain to existing users.

Based on Scintilla, Notepad++ is feature packed, especially for programmers: syntax highlighting, code completion, user defined languages/keywords, themes, regular expressions, SVN/Mercurial/etc integration plugins, console (NppExec plugin), custom shortcut commands jut about anything, and a whole lot more!

For non programmers, there are easy to use plugin menus and a built in macro recorder!

In short, it's a fast and powerful feature packed text editor without being a heavy hard to use IDE. For programming, everyday use, or whatever.