ESET NOD32 Antivirus Reviews

NOD32 is "unable to remove" too often!

I don't know what fans of NOD32 are smoking but I suspect they are not bona fide computer experts and their comments must be taken with a grain of salt.

Anyone who knows anything about anti-virus software knows that NOD32 is reasonably good, but not great at detection, and is utterly hopeless at removal. How can you see the phrase "unable to remove" so often and think that NOD32 is a good AV product? Isn't the whole point of the AV to be able to REMOVE the offending file? How Eset continues to get away with this lack lustre situation is beyond me.

Then there's the ridiculous amount of popups! Man do you really need to keep telling me over and over and over again that you found a virus, just deal with it already and stop bugging me!! Problem is Eset doesn't seem to know how to get NOD to deal with locked files. Norton's approach is much better: detect it, delete it, stay quiet = nice!

I am currently disinfecting a heavily infected PC (mainly trojans) and NOD32 was only able to effectively detect and clean about 78% of the infected files (my first time back to NOD in about 6 months). Running VIPRE found another 33 infected files and easily removed or cleansed them no worries. Running Norton AV found the remaining 7 infected files. In the end I concluded that I will wait at least another 6 months before using NOD again.

My advice do not buy NOD32, if you want decent protection you are better off using Norton, Kaspersky, VIPRE, BitDefender or F-Prot.