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GTD heaven

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I have been applying GTD for several years now. I used several tools to assist me in the process. The last one was Kanbanflow. These todo & planning tools all work fine and are great at what they do, but they always fall short of the main ideas of GTD. For instance working with Next action items is always a tedious amount of work to get from subtasks to a next action list. With Nirvana it becomes so much simpler with an instantaneous next action list. It is really made for hardcore GTD fans. The interface is very polished and you can see that a lot of work has gone in the little details. The only thing I miss at the moment is a quick way to add items to the Nirvana inbox from my Android. Through the online app it always takes some time to load before it is possible to write down a short note. I therefore use Google Keep as an intermediate step, but that adds an additional step in the GTD process.


Almost Really Great

by jake_p
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This is really fantastic app for anyone coming at Task Management from a GTD viewpoint. It's the most natively GTD friendly app I've used. Very clean and usable interface. The only drawback is that it has no Android widgets or notifications. So you can put due dates on tasks, but you can only receive a single daily email to be reminded of them.

If you can live without actual notifications of due tasks, this is the absolute best app for GTD task management.