Nimi Places Reviews

Ótimo software!

Positive Review by taohansenx
about Nimi Places Jul 2014

Ótimo programa, leve e agradável visualmente.

Poderia ser mais fácil de organizar os ícones da área de trabalho, pois ele funciona apenas com pastas. Coisa simples de ser resolvida.


very nice concept, size but seems it'll cost, buggy

Review by User9536999
about Nimi Places Nov 2011
  • amazing small size/speed and responsiveness in my win7 pc
  • buggy concerning downloadable themes etc
  • not very well explained (no help file, wiki etc)
  • free !, maybe if its finished it'll cost...
  • it seems that the software has just started, who knows if it will be abandoned
  • beats fences one handed, at least in functional concept, looks, ideas and performance

My experience:

went to , looked for the download icon... it's at the bottom, once there, be amazed of the size, just ~300KB, awesome !, after downloaded, the .exe expands in a folder, theres no installation, after you run it be prepared to really like it but also to be frustrated that feels like an unfinished software, no open source, I ended up saving the .exe and maybe find a year after today...

A software like this is very needed... the grouping of content is really useful