Winstep Nexus Reviews

Bad Policy

Negative Review by Erqo
about Winstep Nexus Oct 2016

Winstep Nexus may have the best dock/app launcher that is completely for free.
It takes a while to set everything up, but I guess that's part of the fun.

Only thing is, when you need to change a setting afterwoods, it is damn hard to find.

This goes even more for the paid version. You'll get lost and end up whith a bunch of side panels, not enhancing
but rather destroying your functionality by popping up with unpredictive sensitivity. So if you need anything of
beauty that might come in handy as well, just stick to the free, single-docked version.

Their predefined themes should show what their idea of functionality is like, but they don't.
What happens when I left-click or double click on the taskbar? Shall we replace our tray icons manually,
over and over again whenever there is a new item installed? Even while they are more accessible, and from a
view point very acceptable, when displaying them at 24x24 instead of the default 16x16?
Shall we have a second start-menu, a dock with folders and another one with folders, one with running
applications and another one as well, all in the same theme?
What is where and why is it there, seems to be a question they forgot to ask.

So if you're looking for a challenge, go ahead but don't be too disapointed if the software won't let you.
Most probably a single-docked quick-launch is all you'll ever need and if you're looking for some
enhanced taskbar functionality, well, Nexus still has some way to go there in thinking things through.

And finally, they're showing a very bad policy when it comes to software locations. Putting program-
resources in the Public Documents folder is no way to go. They explain that you should blaim Microsoft.
As Microsoft won't let users write no longer to the ProgramFiles folder. And as they want their app to be
So I am an Admin, I pay for their program, I'm the only one allowed on my computer to install it, and now I
have to except that custom users can manipulate my program and have their own settings - instead of just
using what my computer is offering them -, at the cost of overhead and possible destruction of program files
in the public documents folder?

Nice try, Nexus, I won't buy it.


Completely Customizable Dock

Positive Review by nineascii
about Winstep Nexus Feb 2013

The Winstep Nexus Dock has matured to become, in my opinion, the best available screen dock program available. Although I didn't like their default floating layout, it was easy enough to configure it exactly the way I wanted it. In fact, this is the most configurable Dock program there is. There are so many features that you may get lost in myriad of options available.

It supports programs, utilities, files, folders, properties information, etc...
You can add Modules, Separators, and Commands, change its Size and Position, alter its Appearance and Sounds any way you choose.

It is compatible with Windows 8

The paid version has even more features but can only be upgraded for a year, then you'll have to pay again.

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