NetSpeedMonitor Reviews

Simple and Intuitive

Positive Review by SPDroid
about NetSpeedMonitor Nov 2012

This is the most simplistic, most useful bandwidth monitor I've ever used!
Speed monitoring shows up in the task bar like some programs but upon mouse over you can get a quick glance of the accumulated traffic count (upload/download) and also the type of connection you are monitoring e.g. wireless or a local network connection.


Very Good Choice

Positive Review by aza721
about NetSpeedMonitor Aug 2011

NetSpeedMonitor is a very good choice when you need to display the download/upload speed of a certain network adapter on Windows' taskbar. It displays the customizable info in the taskbar to the left of the notification area. It can also display some totals and give warnings when you exceed a certain traffic volume.
The best thing about it, it's free :)