This application has been discontinued
Last version, 2.1.8, was released on May 17, 2011.
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Net Profiles

With Net Profiles, mobile computing becomes a whole lot easier.

  • Windows
    requires .NET

With Net Profiles, mobile computing becomes a whole lot easier. It eliminates the need to manually reconfigure your network settings when you move your desktop/laptop computer to another location. Once a profile is created, Net Profiles can configure your IP settings, proxy settings, mapped drives, default printer, wallpaper, and screen resolution with a click of a button; as well as run any number of user-defined applications upon activation of a profile.

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* Save your network settings as profiles.
* Automatically activate wireless profiles when specified wireless connections are detected. (XP only)
* Change IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Primary and Secondary DNS Servers, WINS Server, and DHCP settings with the click of a button.
* Specifiy different mapped drives for each profile.
* Change your default printer based on which profile you're currently using.
* Automatically change your profile via program shortcuts created with Net Profiles.
* Change the default homepage for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.
* Proxy settings for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.
* Run a user-defined list of programs when a profile is activated.
* Maintain seperate desktop wallper for each profile.
* Change screen resolutions and color quality when profiles are activated.
* Can be easily translated into other languages using the enclosed XML language file. More Info »


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