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Easy to setup and maintain even for noobs

Positive Review by deanmurray64
about NetCrunch Jan 2017

I have been using Netcrunch since version 8. The initial setup was very simple even for somebody like me, as I’m not exactly a networking guy. The Dashboards make it easy to stay on top of the network. Being able to configure the way that we get alerted (email, sms, etc) gave us the freedom we were looking for.


Netcrunch is the best

Positive Review by mmedina
about NetCrunch Apr 2016

The setup is very intuitive, and quick - it all just took a few minutes, and we were done. The Dashboard layout makes it easy to manage our network. Our network is made up of a lot of Windows servers, Cisco routers, access points, and Linux machines - so it's really diverse - yet NetCrunch is able to handle it all. All in all, it's a real workhorse, we're just happy with it.
I have been using NetCrunch since version 6. The Dashboards make it easy to manage all the different devices throughout our network locations in different parts of the country, and especially recently with the new widgets. Tech support is quick, and often offers to connect remotely to assist with any configuration, and questions. It also helps that they release new updates about 4 times a year, constantly introducing new things.

Our network is made up of a lot of Cisco devices, and NetCrunch's build in Nbar support, and the ability to add widgets, and create custom maps of the different locations that we have - just make sense to go with NetCrunch. Also, the build in MiB compiler makes it easy to for us to monitor the generic devices


Powerful, all-in-one network monitoring and management

Positive Review by newcheesygordita
about NetCrunch and NetCrunch Tools, WMI Tools Sep 2015

The NetCrunch network monitoring suite offers powerful, all-in-one and agentless network monitoring and management. It combines network, server, application, file, log and web monitoring into one slick and easy-to-use GUI. Advanced SNMP support, including SNMPv3 and a built-in MIB compiler ensure support for all of your network devices, whether traditional or part of the growing internet of things. The embedded SQL database means you're not stuck paying for additional licensing and hardware. Performance monitoring data is kept on a NoSQL database, that has no limit on the size or length of time you keep your data.


NetCrunch network monitoring in a NOC room

Positive Review by newcheesygordita
about NetCrunch Aug 2015

NetCrunch is an all-in-one and agentless network, server, application, file, log and web monitoring suite. It's also optimized for multi-screen NOC room settings: Via Twitter

Check it out and get 30 days of free tech support as well as free installation support:


Fantastic monitoring suite, couldn't be happier.

Positive Review by andrzejklein
about NetCrunch May 2015

We've been using NetCrunch since version 8.2 and it's fabulous. We shifted over from a competitor's product that had limited scalability. We have over 80,000 sensors currently on our installation of NetCrunch, and it's running on a VM without hiccups. Definitely a powerful, and most importantly fast, piece of software. The GUI update in 8.5 was fabulous, and our multi-screen setup looks great, especially with one screen showing a rotation of some of our less critical screens. Definitely give NetCrunch a try, it's got unbelievable bang for the buck.


NetCrunch 8.2 We're happy with it 1 Helpful

Review by martinemil
about NetCrunch Oct 2014

NetCrunch makes it quick & easy to diagnose, detect & troubleshoot issues. Thanks to the layout of the physical map pinpointing the trouble areas is a snap.We first came across NetCrunch a few years back. Right away we fell in love with it. The network discovery process is very straight forward; also classifying different hardware was easy with NetCrunch.There are other monitoring servers out there, but when it comes to monitoring VMware ESXi – there’s just no equivalent. We choose to go with NetCrunch a few years back, and still think it was the right choice.
Bottom line - it worked for us, it might or might now work for you. From what it says on their webpage, it was written for a network with up to 3500 nodes - so if you are running something more complex look elsewhere, otherwise download their trial and check it out or yourself.


Netcrunch Review

Positive Review by danielzobel
about NetCrunch May 2014

Netcrunch 7 is a great piece of software for any network. I have been using the software for close to 7 years now. At first I would use the software to just let me know when network equipment has gone off-line, but now I used the software to get in-depth reports on hard drive activity, to watching Exchange, to watching my databases and even individual ports on switches. This software has become the first thing I look at in the morning and the last things in the evenings.

I run the software on a VM with Windows Server 2008R2. From the main dashboard I can see at a quick glance all of the networks running and if there are major or minor issues happening. It lists out the servers, networking equipment, printers, and other devices. Then I see a timeline of the past 24 hours and listed out are any alerts that may have come up during each hour, then I can drill down to see what was happening at that moment.

As I look at each IP network it will give me the rundown of the network. I can then explore each network and see each node based on many different layouts. I can see a node that is having issues from it being colored red and others that may colored yellow to tell me that there have been issues, but things are working. If I drill down to a node then I can see all of the individual parts of the system and what is being monitored. With a Windows server you can even see the Windows Services running. If you want to watch a new service you can add almost anything you want to see or create a new one based on your needs.

The great thing about this software is that you can know what is going on from just about anywhere you are at. From just getting E-mails, to text messages and now it also can be accessed through an Internet Browser from any device. Another great feature is its ability to always be watching if a new machine has been added to the network, so that you don’t have to go out and add it to the system, but you can if you want to. Once a new node has been added it will start checking it all out and verify all of the components and what it needs to be monitoring.

For me being a one man shop this software has been invaluable as I can tell when things happen usually before anyone else notices. Netcrunch has earned its spot to stay on my network for a long time and I look forward to each new release as they are always improving the software to meet the needs of today’s networks.