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Program has become crippleware

Negative Review by bluedrache
about NetBalancer Aug 2016

The author of the program has paywalled the "rules". Previously, one could have up to 3 rules set that allowed shaping of traffic. Now it's just a heavyweight traffic monitor.


This is s...t

Negative Review by ugurozturk
about NetBalancer Mar 2016

At first i saw a lot of times some ppl using different apps to connect internet. Like Chrome to use conhost.exe BUT today i saw firefox using chrome.exe for update.. It is silly.


issues with delay-sensitive apps

Negative Review by Jan1902
about NetBalancer Apr 2014

I been using the trial version 7.1.3 build 140221.1650 for a few days and the app doesn't manage the packets well enough for delay-sensitive apps.

Tried setting level severity to 90% with 10x multiplier and the high priority apps still don'T get high priority over low priority apps.

windows 7 x64

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