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Nakivo for VMWare Backups

Positive Review by andybh
about Nakivo Inc. and Veeam Backup, Vembu VMBackup Nov 2016

If you want to keep it simple, you can't go far wrong with Nakivo for backing up your VMware environment. I've used many products in different places but Nakivo has probably been the easiest to set up and then "fire and forget". Compared to others its also pretty good value (sufficiently good to change my preference in at least one deployment). Installation is just deploying a single Virtual Appliance and everything else is from an easy to understand web interface.
Nakivo replaced by previous solution after a three day trial during which I was able to take full backups of all VMs and shutdown the previous backup product. Overall pretty impressed.


Excellent Software

Positive Review by bluebitwebdesign
about Nakivo Inc. Nov 2016

I've been using the Nakivo demo and have been very impressed. We've installed this on a separate Synology device and are backupg up VMs in VCenter. The snapshots/backups it performs have been flawless. Much, much easier than using ghettoVCB and cronjobs.

The web interface is clean and simple although its not Mobile friendly (yet). Perhaps that will be in a future update?


Good product

Positive Review by PietAppel
about Nakivo Inc. Oct 2016

We recommend Nakivo for small to medium environments. All the required features are there, even immediate recovery from backup to production, reducing your downtime to minutes in case of a system failure. Seemless integration with vCenter, also when the vCenter is in a remote location. Nice reporting on problems, like a backup target unavailable. Alerting also via email. We were impressed by the intuitive interface.


Great software

Positive Review by ebdie65
about Nakivo Inc. Oct 2015

I am using Nakivo backup for about two years and I am still very happy with the software. I am doing backups over a high latency WAN link from Asia to Europe, the network acceleration feature is performing very well. Even the synchronization did a big job while migrating virtual machines from one cluster to another with minimal downtime.
Special thanks go to Michael of Nakivo, my primary person of contact. He helped me out with any small issue or question without any hassle.


Great enterprise backup software

Positive Review by robertobondavalli
about Nakivo Inc. Sep 2015

I'm using it as alternatives to Veeam Backup and I'm very happy. The software it's very easy to install, configure and manage and it works very well .

I can do all enterprise features with very easy interface and I can give to my customers the security to keep their data safe .


Alternative is the best term for Nakivo

Review by Etatdesprit
about Nakivo Inc. Sep 2015

Naviko, is the best alternative to backup Vmware.
you can find for a best prize all the features, granulare restore for Microsoft AD, Exchange, instant recovery.
all this features for a best prize.
in a highly competitive market, Nakivo is the partner of IT service providers for SMEs.


Fast to deploy and easy to use

Positive Review by abernardi
about Nakivo Inc. Sep 2015

Nakivo Backup and Replication is a very good tool for backup your VMware appliances at a competitive price.
The Nakivo VM appliance is easy to install and deploy on your datacenter and it is ready to work in few minutes.
The Web GUI is easy to use and the backup jobs may be scheduled with a few mouse clicks.
Intresting is the opportunity to restore files and directories and Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory objects without the need to restore all the VM.
The restore job is also easy and clean to schedule.


Easy to deploy, fast backup and restore

Positive Review by dteneggi
about Nakivo Inc. Aug 2015

Competitive prices in relation to other backup solutions for VMWare environments, the software has a pleasant and light user interface and produces fast backups and restores. The OVA appliance is easy and fast to deploy and use.


Fast and easy to deploy

Positive Review by rbenassi
about Nakivo Inc. Aug 2015

If you have hundreds of VM or you only have a couple of them, Nakivo is the easiest tool to build a rock-solid backup infrastructure in a simple way. The VM appliance deploys in a breeze as all-in-one solutions or you can set up a separate transporter for data processing, even directly on linux storages.
The web interface is clean, fast and very easy to use.
Multitenancy option of Enterprise edition is perfect to let the user download the files or folders to restore without any helpdesk intervention. I can only spend good words for this software that costs less than it's direct competitors but it has at least the same features with a high quality result.


Easy to install and Scalable, Nakivo Backup As A Service is a great tool

Positive Review by GreenITAddict
about Nakivo Inc. Aug 2015

We are providing a Backup As A Service solution for many customers. It is really easy to install and configure. Customers appreciate to receive a regular report, very easy to understand. They are also confident because they have a direct access in their tenant to restore files by themselves.
The scalability of Cloud approach is a good money for value.
The possibility to have a local and a remote backup is also a very good point.

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Great professional tool for virtual machine backup

Positive Review by BertrandRETIF
about Nakivo Inc. Aug 2015

We are currently using Nakivo to backup our VMware vsphere infrastructure (and some free ESX servers).
We choose Nakivo because of its price (compare with other competitors!) and mainly as it offers several functionalities that we did not find on other tools:
- Backup Free ESX servers
- Run on Linux AND Windows and is UI is full web.
- Multi-tenant. We ca give access to the backup with our customers
What we also really appreciate is the Nakivo support reactivity and competence. We test Nakivo deeply during 2months and we had 1 issue link to our specific environment. We send our details to the support directly from the UI. We get an answer in minutes and a fix in hours.
We now use it for 2 for 2 months in production with very good performance and stability.
If you are looking for a professional tool to backup your VM, test it! You have a free version on Nakivo website for 1 month.


Nakivo Backup and Relication is an excellent alternative backup Software for our VMWare infrastructure

Positive Review by jetski
about Nakivo Inc. Aug 2015

We were looking for a suitable backup solution for VMWare. Here, not only the functionality but also the price was a very important factor. With Nakivo backup we have a solution that does justice both factors.
The publishing of Nakivo was done in a few minutes and we were immediately able to backup our virtual machines. But above all, made me the Fumktion "Flash VM Boot" and screenshot Veryfication" confident. With these functions, i can test my backed up VM's without much effort. Thus I can ensure, that the backed up vm's works properly. This aspect is particularly important for my domain controllers and my Exchange Server. Here, i can ensure that the backups are consistent of these Servers.
Another big advantage is the support of Nakivo. No matter what type of questions I had, they were always ready to advise them quickly and competently.
I can recommend Nakivo for everyone who is searching for a backup software with good and stable functions for VMWare.


Best vSphere backup yet

Positive Review by CountBuggula
about Nakivo Inc. and vSphere Data Protection Jul 2015

After struggling and ultimately failing to get vSphere Data Protection to work in my environment, I finally came upon Nakivo. Not only do they offer a free version for home lab/personal use, but it's dead simple to set up and get running in no time at all. The company has also been very helpful and prompt in responses to my queries and has an active social media presence. They deserve to be much more well known in the Virtualization world.