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Good little sketcher 1 Helpful

Positive Review by lauraess1
about MyPaint May 2017

I last used this program 4 years ago and thought I'd try it again under Win7. I tried the stand-alone but it'd crash a lot, however the install exe installed and ran fine. The interface was more "gnomish" than traditional, but now has a proper menu system and dockers which can be turned on an off, including oddly, more than one type of colour selector (try moving the colour on one and see how it moves on the others)! But MyPaint's its own creature with its own shortcuts. You won't find SPACE + Drag cursor to drag the canvas for examplle (ued on a lot of edditors that imitate Photoshop) but the right mouse button + cursor drag will do the same.

This is an editor designed for sketching with natural type brushes and effects. It's like drawing on paper with conte or ink, or whatever brush you want. You wont find rules and guides here, but (like Paint Tool SAI) you might have a lot of fun! Idea for drawing with a tablet and a notebook/laptop.


Ideal program for artists who are used to traditional media

Positive Review by flyingfisch
about MyPaint Dec 2011

If you are an artist who is used to traditional media, but you want to try digital, then MyPaint is for you. The brushes simulate traditional media very well, and the interface is clean and simple. The whole program emphasizes real media so there are no tools such as straight line, box, circle, etc. However, this is not really a drawback because if these were included, the program would become very complicated very fast, and then you could just get Gimp or Photoshop. I would not recommend doing heavy-duty photo editing with this, but for drawing, this program is ideal.