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Really excellent

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The best is to have someone to show you how to use it once because it's not easy the first time,

but then this is by far the best software I used to test to manage mp3 tags !


One of a Kind

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I'd like to say that MusicBrainz Picard is an amazing tool, saving an ample amount of time spent in the tagging process. You open the files you need, you scan them, and Picard does the rest. It's just that easy. Quicker than any other tagging software I've used. Of course, after Picard does it's work, you can still make changes to the tags if you'd like.

This software can also automatically rename files on whatever naming pattern you want. Very useful feature. The Options menu is simple and self-explanatory, but also offers plenty of, you guessed it, options! In addition to this, there is also a script section, allowing you to code whatever you want when you run the scanner. More advanced users should definitely take a look at that if they need something done.

The interface is neat and smooth. The current picture is outdated. While the overall look of the UI remains unchanged from that, there are a few modifications that allow for more information to be fitted on the screen, with a better aesthetic feeling.

What else could I ask for? Maybe the ability to copy the tags from one file to another. That would be nice. No big deal though.

All in all, Picard's a very stable and functional cross-platform tagging tool. I haven't yet found anything like it. Great stuff.


MusicBrainz Picard - powerful and versatile… but too complex for the casual user

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This is without a doubt the best cross-platform tagging software available. It's incredibly powerful and versatile.

However (massive caveat), it's a pain to get used to using it, and any noob is not going to figure it out.

Tiny things like being able to link the power of the automatic search in the app with the manual power search on the MusicBrainz website. If you haven't found the release that you wanted through the Picard app, you can search for it on the MusicBrainz website. Once you've found the correct one, just click the 'tagger' icon in the top right hand corner of the window and it'll automatically insert it back into your Picard app, ready for you to drag and drop your tunes onto. This is a massive time saver.

The 'Scan' function is completely amazing, and although not 100% accurate, it's an incredible time saver. I don't know why they don't promote this more.

It could really do with
- some user interaction, tool-tips suggesting that you can use complex search terms in the search window
- possibly an automated system (I seem to click the same buttons in the same order every time)
- more incentive to sign up to the MusicBrainz service
- a reason why it never seems to find the artwork?

All in all, an indispensable piece of software that I use very regularly. Highly recommended.