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Google Play Music, a service available for people who have an Google account, lets people upload their personal music collection and access it instantly on the web or any compatible device. Upload your personal music collection to a single library, even if it's scattered across multiple computers. You can upload music files from any folder or add your iTunes library and all of your playlists. And when you add new music to your computer, it can be automatically added to your music... More info »


iPhone, AndroidRequires Android 2.2+ + Tablet, Online, Chrome OS


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Unfortunately, you can only upload 20,000 tracks to Google Music, which is larger than my collection. There's no even an option to pay for more space, so I have to look elsewhere

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No invitations for the rest of us :-(


It seems to work fine in the UK and Denmark! Try to look at bit more into it.. :)


Not in this bit of the UK then. Signing into https://music.google.com just throws up a message at https://music.google.com/music/unsupportedcountry which says "We're sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States".


Try to bypass the proxy with Tor (Small Tor iconTor) or alternatively a VPN (for example: Small OpenVPN iconOpenVPN) when you signup.. Can't remember how I did it but works perfectly for me in both the UK and Denmark as I said..



Comment by Thelle about Google Play Music Aug 2011

Google Music is very nice! Uploads the music from your hard drive seamlessly and stream it to mobile (only Android at the moment in beta) and browser! It's free and you can upload 20,000 songs..


Hooray, I got an invite to this. Now all I need is an Android phone....