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Mojang should invest in this

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MultiMC has been my primary launcher for quite a while and is much more mature and better designed than the default Minecraft launcher.

Pros (mostly taken from the website but they are all true and I agree strongly with them)
- Manage multiple instances of Minecraft at once
- Start Minecraft with a custom resolution
- Change Java's runtime options (including memory options)
- Shows Minecraft's console output in a colour coded window
- Kill Minecraft easily if it crashes / freezes
- Custom icons and groups for instances
- Forge integration (automatic installation, version downloads, mod management)
- LiteLoader integration
- Super easy modding and instance management
- Easy Jar modding
- Minecraft world management
- Import and export Minecraft instances to share them with anyone
- Supports every version of Minecraft that the vanilla launcher does
- FTB integration

- Sometimes a little buggy with Forge installations
- Does not yet support TechnicPack installations