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Positive Review by MrkX
about Multi Commander Sep 2014

Multi Commander is a more powerful alternative to Windows Explorer (Feb 4, 2013)

Multi-Commander, a multi-tabbed file manager for Windows (August 7, 2014)


Impressive for a free project

Positive Review by sfonteneau
about Multi Commander Jun 2013

I've been looking for this kind of tool for ages ! It has everything I wanted :

  • dual pane w/ tabs
  • heavily keyboard oriented (shortcuts + command field)
  • active project
  • custom shortcuts
  • plugins (API is still not public but it will be)
  • fast startup
  • portable version available
  • stable enough for daily use (no crash until now)

The only thing I could regret is to be only available on Windows, but all other advantages are worth using differents file managers on my various OSes.

[Edited by sfonteneau, June 25]


Impressing and efficient file manager

Positive Review by KietnaQuTak
about Multi Commander Oct 2012

I'm using file managers for ages. Mainly those with two-pane layout cause it's the most convenient for me. So far Multi Commander is the only one (freeware) that does not make me mad after few weeks of using. Although it's still in active development (with stable releases) it has many well build features. Lot's of configuration options that help to customize looks and behavior of MC. It speeds up my work with files. I can recommend it to everyone looking for a freeware file manager.

I was comparing MC to other file managers I was using in past few years: Ac Browser Plus (full version, unfortunately discontinue), Total Commander (trial...), Unreal Commander, NexusFile, Alt Commander, Double Explorer, CubicExplorer, FreeCommander, FileAnt, Gekko Commander, Nomad.NET and probably few others I don't remember.