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I think MPC HC is the best

Positive Comment by matteopzz91
about MPC-HC Apr 2017

I've always used VLC but when I play mp4 or some mkv files and I want to skip from a position to another in the progress bar, VLC takes a long time to render and it's frustrating.

MPC HC is always fast!


really simple

Positive Comment by fromagnoli92
about MPC-HC Sep 2016

im a media player user and whit this new player i have more fun in less time. highly recommended


It is so awesome even if it look so simple.

Positive Comment by Weltall
about MPC-HC Dec 2015

I am a Zoom Player user, but the main 3 reasons I ever preferred Zoom Player over MPC, was how you could set Zoom player to play the next media file in the folder, without having to create a playlist for it to play the next file, the ability to zoom in and out the video/window with the mouse wheel and the fact I found a skin that let me shrink the player to the point the window was really tiny, making it perfect for any multitasking work. I also used the shortcut SHIFT+H which would bring the play history in it's nice sleek interface, but that's secondary.

For better or worse, Zoom Player looked better too and all nice, but no matter what, unlike MPC, it did not like external Codec packs. Also after testing for a long time I came to the conclusion that ZP uses more sources than MPC, so MPC is indeed more lightweight.

For anyone that does not like the windows 98 look of MPC, I suggest to look up KCP Codec Pack Black Edition. It is a codec pack compiled to support extra codecs packed with the black edition of MPC, which looks really awesome. If you want to see an image of how it looks if you tinket a bit with it's looks, here it is on my windows 7 machine;


The buttons on the top right do not appear until you move your mouse over there and then they pop up. So do not worry, you won't be watching your movie with these there.


Very Quick and Responsive!

Positive Comment by Augustianris
about MPC-HC and VLC Media Player Nov 2013

MPC loads videos and music very quickly. When I listen to music through vlc, when I try to start a new song, there is about a two second delay, but with Media PLayer Classic, it is almost instantaneous! Very nice player!


I liked it

Positive Comment by impossible
about MPC-HC and SMPlayer, VLC Media Player Jul 2013

I liked this media player, it was fast and light. I could not find out if i could see my album covers for my music, which i would have liked. Good player but something keeps bringing me back to other players.


Better than VLC

Positive Comment by Apaosha
about MPC-HC and ffdshow tryouts, VLC Media Player Sep 2012

MPC-HC is my new favourite player regarding playing 1080p-stuff. It looks so beautiful with ffdshow-tryouts. Much better quality than with VLC.


Using VLC Player I had always program crashes.

Positive Comment by topofired3
about MPC-HC and VLC Media Player Jun 2011

I was unable to play some videos from a DVD that where in a folder (.NFO, etc) and not in a real disk, using VLC Player I had always program crashes. I downloaded this application (MediaPlayer Clasic Home Cinema) and it works like a charm! Thanks!


It plays everything without extra codecs

Positive Comment by keeshob
about MPC-HC Jun 2011

The player that plays everything ,without the need for downloading extra codecs.


Doesn't compare to Zoom Player's UI and lacks customization ...

Comment by ATx
about MPC-HC and Zoom Player Jun 2011

Doesn't compare to Zoom Player's UI and lacks customization options, but it has the best DirectShow filters, it plays about anything. It even offers DirectX Video Acceleration.

You can use MPC-HC's DirectShow filters with Zoom Player for the ultimate multimedia experience.


THE best player of the moment.

Positive Comment by PeterWilt
about MPC-HC Jun 2011

THE best player of the moment. Beats all the rest with fingers in nose.


The best video player

Positive Comment by maverickrohan
about MPC-HC Jun 2011

The best and most technically versatile video player without the useless bells and whistles!