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  • easyMP3Gain icon


    Graphical User Interface (GUI) for MP3Gain, VorbisGain and AACGain (enables you to modify the loudness level of mp3, ogg, and mp4...

    Open Source Linux

    • Works right out of the box, has the same interface layout, plus it supports two other formats in addition to MP3
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  • iVolume icon


    iVolume calculates the volume perceived by the human ear for each song of your iTunes music collection. Thereby it gets the most out...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • soundKonverter icon


    soundKonverter is a frontend to various audio converters. The key features are: Audio conversion. En-/decoding. Replay Gain. CD...

    Open Source Linux BSD

    • It's just a front-end that supports multiple converters that need to be installed separately, including an MP3Gain-like engine, which may not even be possible to install as-is on Linux, so it's misleading to say that because soundKonverter works on Linux it's a Linux equivalent to MP3Gain. It's far from such a thing.
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  • wxMP3gain icon


    A free automatic mp3 volume normalizer. MP3Gain analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that they have the same volume. There is no quality...

    Open Source Windows Linux

  • QMP3Gain icon


    Graphical user interface front end supporting MP3Gain engine which analyzes and losslessly adjusts mp3 files to a specified target...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • AACGain icon


    AACGain is a modification to Glen Sawyer's excellent mp3gain program. It supports AAC (mp4/m4a/QuickTime) audio files in addtion...

    Open Source Windows Linux

  • Normalize icon


    Normalize is a command line utility used to normalize the audio levels of audio files.

    Open Source Windows Linux

  • MP3 Normalizer icon

    MP3 Normalizer

    Improve the quality of MP3 collections by adjusting volume and applying audio effects.

    Commercial Mac

  • Droidgain

    Droidgain - A rather crude, but functional, port of MP3Gain to Android

    Open Source Android Android Tablet

  • QtGain icon


    QtGain is a simply frontend for MP3Gain, VorbisGain, AACGain and Metaflac which analyses and adjusts your media files so that they...

    Open Source Linux

MP3Gain Comments

Use foobar2000 to add ReplayGain tags to MP3's, it's the be ...

Comment by ATx
about MP3Gain Jun 2011

Use foobar2000 to add ReplayGain tags to MP3's, it's the best application for that job, at the moment.

It also supports Unicode, so is an alternative to MP3Gain for filenames with non-ANSI characters.

Drag&drop MP3's => Select files => Right-click: ReplayGain => Scan ... => Update File Tags Done!


Doesn't support Unicode, filenames with international chara ...

Comment by ATx
about MP3Gain Jun 2011

Doesn't support Unicode, filenames with international characters are not supported. Using MP3GainGUI.exe front end.


I used this a lot on windows, but on linux this is built in ...

Comment by Aaron
about MP3Gain Jun 2011

I used this a lot on windows, but on linux this is built into the Sound Konverter program, so I just use that instead.