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My home or place of work is just a tap away from me

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I use Mobiscope app on my Asus Android tablet to watch my home and office from any place, at any time.

I set up several ordinary webcams (in the kitchen, at the front door, in the nursery) in my house to keep an eye on my family. Now I can see my little sun at any time from my workplace! Also I can see how my wife's cooking in the kitchen.

Mobiscope's motion detector works fine: I receive messages and snapshots when people come up to my front door. In just several taps I can view the door camera and see the visitors.

In my office we have several IP cameras, and I can use Mobiscope app to access each cam and view live video stream on my tablet.

I like how Mobiscope works. It's convenient and easy to use. And what's more important, it is not expensive.

I would recommend this app for anyone who wants to see their families and property with ease using their mobile devices and a couple of webcams.

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