MobaXterm Reviews

A sublime, wonderful SSH client and local terminal for Windows

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This is one of the few Windows apps that has changed the way I work, and it makes using SSH and terminal windows on Windows 10 an absolute joy to use.

It has a tabbed interface, SSH forwarding built right in, can connect through bastion relays, has its own SSH key agent, and comes with an X11 server too. There's even a local command prompt based on Cygwin, so you can install Cygwin packages with apt-cyg and run Unix commands natively in Windows. I used to use Xfce on Fedora as my daily desktop, but switching to Windows 10 with MobaXterm means I can run all Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, command-line and GUI apps on one system.

It's stunning. I love this software. If PuTTY was a bicycle, MobaXterm would be a fully-loaded BMW with great tyres.