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It's like minecraft but its different...

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Minetest is an InfiniMiner/Minecraft(/Dwarf Fortress) inspired game, released as open source, with a goal of becoming one of the first Minecraft-style games that take the survival multiplayer gameplay to a somewhat different direction.

As of 29th August 2015 it supports user-hosted multiplayer over network and a Lua modding system allowing modders to create anything from the basic minecraft stuff: a randomly generated terrain, digging, placing blocks, crafting items and tools and other stuff and using them, to cool stuff like helicopters, teleporters, mesecons, andprotector blocks that prevent griefing. Unlike modding in minecraft, which requires installation of a modloader that hacks into the game, Minetest supports modding by default. More Info »

Version 0.4.13 has finally been released, with cinematic mode and minimap! Full changelog at

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Official Website
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Comment by Translator5 about Minetest Also mentioning: Minecraft Technic launcher Jan 2016

This game is soo in development.
It's really not ready for gaming like Minecraft, and there aren't so great Mods like these of "Millenaire Modpack Plus" at the moment.
I hope this game will be great in the future, big potential!


This game works well with new and older computers alike with lots of options to improve performance. A great and active forum site with LOTS of modders. Their WIKI has gotten badly out of date but the learning curve for the game isn't steep -- especially once you get a few mods in place like "Craft Guide Mod renewed" and "Unified Inventory."

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Get this game! I have a crappy Intel 915GM graphics card that minecraft doesn't like but this game runs so smoothly on it! The author is very dedicated to this project! Download this FREE game and enjoy everything about it! It runs on C++ not Java so it automatically runs, looks and feels smoother and better than Minecraft. You will always get more than 30FPS. :D Seriously... Get this game. No Virus, No Ads, No Payments. Nothing! Join.