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Serious, unfixed, unfixable weaknesses

Negative Review by vectorspin
about Microsoft Office Word Jun 2016

I use this program every day, all day, and I know what it can and cannot do. You probably know most of what Word can do, but extensive use has taught me what it can't do:

  • Export to other formats - HTML, ODT, etc. Just copying and pasting anything but plain text (which sometimes requires pasting into something like notepad first). None of these work or look good. Basically you're supposed to stay in Microsoft land or start over.
  • Nested bullets - it works well initially but after a few weeks on the same document, the bullets panic hard and jump all over the place. It's super annoying and you basically have to start the whole document over again with no formatting and re-add it.
  • Indentation - it doesn't seem to matter what document it is, there's always some indentation oddity. It's somehow connected to the nested bullets problem.

Most users never see these things but relying on Microsoft means that eventually you may get stuck with one of these terrible files. It's a monster and it never gets better. Year after year, Microsoft has all these weird incompatibilities that make it so no one but they can view their files perfectly. In doing so, those broken elements sometimes break catastrophically.

I've mostly used LibreOffice to solve most of these issues but Google Docs works well also. OneNote can address the bullets and indentation problem somewhat but just can't handle anything but the simplest of formatting.


Overpriced standard. 1 Helpful

Negative Review by Eric_S
about Microsoft Office Word and LibreOffice - Writer, Google Docs (Suite), AbiWord Feb 2013

Lets face it, it's the standard.

But not because it's the best. It's not.

Certainly not because it's free. it way overpriced.

It is because it is what everyone uses. In businesses, schools, homes, and it even COMES on many PC's (a stripped down ad serving version).

But that is changing.

  • KingSoft Word is just as powerful, and free.

  • Google Docs is closing in... although I am reluctant to type my personal documents on a cloud owned by a company that makes it's money selling anything it knows about me to anyone who asks. Oh yeah, and... free.

  • AbiWord is like a free Word Lite, and it flies. It is more then many windows users need, and runs on Linux and Mac, too.

  • LibreOffice Writer is ... well still hideous and awkward, but it has dang near all of the features, and it, too, is free.

Personally, I like KingSoft and run my business with it.

Please, like and support anything else. Maybe Microsoft will start pricing their software more reasonably.