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Microsoft Word is Microsoft's word processor.

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Microsoft Word is Microsoft's word processor. Although it is a component of the Microsoft Office suite, it is also sold as a standalone application. More Info »

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Check out Nevron Docs -

This is probably the best free alternative to Word - it works on Windows, Mac and Online. It can open .DOCX, .RTF and .HTML files and has export to .PDF, .HTML etc. It is also faster than Word.


Word, in recent years, has been not just the go to for word processing but also note taking. I use it on OSX so I can only speak for that platform. I find its notebook view/layout to be nice yet the rest of the program is slow. If it was a separate notes only program I would be satisfied, but for now they are together. For this reason I suggested Circus Ponies NoteBook to be a reasonable alternative for those still only using Word for note taking. Not sure it belongs here, but hoped someone else might find it useful.


Microsoft Word pretty much sets the standard for word processors. And unlike Internet Explorer, which sets the lowest standard possible for browsers, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It costs a ton for what it does, but I think that Word does it pretty well.


I'll agree. Word is so much better than OO, LibreOffice, and Apache Open Office (I've actually tried them all and dual boot with Lubuntu Linux) that I KNOW that people that say they are better are just Open Source tools. It's the same with people that say that Linux is a lot better than Windows 7, etc. Are you kidding me? Try using Linux heavily for a month and get back to me. I hope you know what the command line is :) Make sure you read tutorials on using Sudo (or you could seriously eff up your installation). Make sure you understand the file system! In fact, to even install Apache OO (the best iteration in my opinion) I had to do a bunch of crazy command line garbage. OH...and with Linux ALWAYS make sure you're prepared to do things in a roundabout way, make sure you have tons of time to "tinker" (as Linux people love to say).

By the way...IE is a very good browser. Have you used it? It's extremely fast. The biggest problem, and the reason I won't use it, is that it doesn't have a convenient ad blocker. It's a huge problem. IE has some of the best HTML 5 performance.


I totally agree. Most easy-to-use word processor, but if you do advanced formatting (images with descriptions, references, automatic numbering) you quickly find funny quirks and strange auto-formatting that are hard and sometimes impossible to change.

For advanced text editing Small Adobe InDesign iconAdobe InDesign seems to be the best choice, but there is a steep learning curve.. For the geeky academic that likes code and full control Small LaTeX iconLaTeX seems like the number one choice.


It's not clear when this list of alternatives to MS Word was created (or even when the comments were made). Might be nice to date your site to give some currency to your information.

But, as to my subject line, why is Nisus left out of this list? It's been a Mac word processor since near the beginning of Macintosh time. It was (and is now, again) known for its sophisticated search and macros. Try

(no, I'm not in any way associated with them)


Umm...Why don't you add it?


Let's break it down:
Openoffice is the standby free office choice. Unfortunately that means its as bloated as microsoft office, more so in recent years. It can take forever for writer to open, especially on older systems.
Abiword is lightning quick and pretty cool, but I've always had trouble with the menus being different and differently named from office, whereas openoffice makes more of an effort to match word.
Google docs is fantastic for online stuff, but fairly limited for anything but basic writing.

Q10 is a fantastic writeroom alternative for windows; it shows you a black screen with a simple statusbar and lets you write undistracted. It'll certainly add another step to your work flow but it's worth it for me for the simplicity and focus it gives. Not a replacement for an office program, but an addition to it


Word isn't "bloated" for people that need those features. If you don't need those features? An RTF editor like Wordpad would be great for you. Abi Word is hideously ugly on my Windows installation and also really buggy for some reason. Focus Writer is better than Q10 :)


Openoffice Writer I find to be the perfect alternative to this. Writer may take a little bit to load, but it can do a lot more than Word can, at least in my opinion. The newest Microsoft Word to me is confusing, annoying, and slow a lot of the time. I use Openoffice on my laptop all the time its great.


What can writer do that Word can't? Care to give some real-world experience? How is Word 2010 confusing? lol. Microsoft made it so easy that you'd have to be an idiot not to understand the ribbon. It's ALL THERE IN FRONT OF YOU. Office 2010 is faster than OO and LO. Apache OO is pretty fast, not sure about that one. Good luck installing Apache OO though.


The best word processing programme in my opinion, openoffice has some way to go before being up to its standard. Though I wish you could purchase it by itself, as its about the only thing in the ms office suite I use.