Microsoft OneNote Reviews

Brilliant note taking application.

Positive Review by DzSW
about Microsoft OneNote Apr 2016

I've been using OneNote for many years now. What I find great, is that it can be used to make simple notes and lists, but on the other hand can be used for much more advanced uses like capturing audio and video, online screen clippings, embedding spreadsheets, exporting to PDF etc. It really is good at taking notes or remembering literally anything.

It is structured in the following way. You have Notebooks. Within a Notebook there are many Sections. Within a Section there can be many individual Notes. This three tier system I find works very well. For example, you can have a Notebook called 'Holidays'. Within 'Holidays' you could have sections such as 'Spain', 'USA', 'Australia' etc. Within each of those destinations, which are Sections, you would have your Notes for each, such as Packing list, Places to Visit, Maps of local area etc.

What is also great now is that it is not part of the paid Office suite (Office 365 for example). It is a fully featured app for Free. I think Microsoft made a wise choice with that as having it part of the paid Office made it unavailable to many.

Overall a top program, well worth trying if you haven't ever used it. Also, OneNote is available on nearly all Desktop platforms, Mobile and on the Web.