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Microsoft OneNote, part of the Small Microsoft Office Suite iconMicrosoft Office Suite , is a digital notebook application that gives people one place to gather notes and information. It also offers shared notebooks, syncing between multiple computers and devices via Windows Live online storage, and optical character recognition (OCR) for getting text from pictures, business cards, etc.

Alternative names for Microsoft OneNote: OneNote Mobile


Mac, iPhoneRequires iOS 4.2 or higher, Windows, Windows PhoneSystem-integrated. Must not be installed., Windows RT, Windows Mobile, AndroidRequires Android 2.3 or higher, Online



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Comment by User1022101 about Microsoft OneNote Aug 2013

What the hell do they mean onenote is free? It's great but because I had to change computers often MS stole my money.

So goodby ms office I don't pay for shit 2-3x at you whim.


it is somewhat hard to use but it does the job, its simple and it works for me so i am happy with it


I miss onenote after getting my Mac. I use xinote.com and it is pretty similar to onenote in terms of interface. It is quite good for me as of now.


It is used for taking notes, sketching, collecting & sharing realtime. I tried it and now sarted storing my contents safely.

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Microsoft OneNote

Negative Comment by PeresGil about Microsoft OneNote May 2012

I really would like to clean my computer of this application. I never really understood what is this for or how it works. Currently I am using Zim on windows. On the Mac VoodooPad is still better than Zim, but Zim is free and VoodooPad is Mac only. So Zim is a good option for Windows.


Seems pretty cool, but...

Negative Comment by Software about Microsoft OneNote Oct 2011

I'm tempted to use this in my lectures, to note-take with PDFs. Unfortunately its PDF handling is awful - it rotates all landscape PDF's 90 degrees, so everything is sideways. Unbelievably, there is no option to rotate a PDF back to normal. This program has a lot of potential, but Microsoft ruined by messing up its PDF handling.


OneNote is arguably the best piece of software of the office suite.

Don't forget to install the PRINTOUT MANAGER plugin.


So I can't view Evernote on my phone if I am offline and I can't edit notes on my phone. It is like having a bike but can't use it in certain conditions. Pointless.