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You also can try MixNote

Comment by svetavan
about Microsoft OneNote and MixNote NotePad Notes · May 2017 ·

Thanks. You also can try MixNote. MixNote Take note with text, picture, to-do and voice. Hide private notes. Shake phone to record voice during a call.
Free download:

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OneNote rocks

about Microsoft OneNote · · 2 Helpful

Pretty amazing what you can do with OneNote. I tried it a couple of times -- and at first, could not warm up to it.

Then more than a year later, I decided to give it a full, open-minded evaluation. I ended up loving it, and closing down 10 other places where I was storing important information. Now, all that information is in one place.

Keep in mind that the Windows version has the most capability, with the exception of searching all notebooks, where the Mac version has the edge.

Don't forget: For Windows, you want the full featured Windows version, NOT the Windows "app" version, which has far fewer features.


Requires a Microsoft account

about Microsoft OneNote · · 1 Helpful

I was very disappointed to see it requires a Microsoft account to even get it started, so I uninstalled right away. I want locally stored notes ONLY, no "cloud" bullshit for me. Guess I'll look into Zim instead.

You can make local notes without any clouds, just like with Zim

Which would be ok if no Microsoft account (or any other type of external account) was required at all. I'd very much like a 100% local account-free operation mode.

I think CherryTree is a closer and better alternative to OneNote than Zim and I have tried them both.

Thanks for the tip, I'm checking CherryTree out right now and it appears to be really nice!


Absolutely essential for me. Love it!

about Microsoft OneNote · ·

Onenote is an amazing piece of software. For any time of information gathering or note-taking, scrap-booking style brainstorming. Easy to use and plays well with many applications. Never need to save, as it's running in the background using a low level of resources. Easy to copy or move, and very easy to share with others (collaborate as well; so you will see who made changes to what areas). Each page will nicely keep a history of changes where you simply right click on a page, and you can see the many iterations a page has gone through, seeing exactly what changed and when, and select the state of that page from any point in its timeline.

If you use the Getting Things Done philosophy, I find this particularly useful for collection of all non-actionable reference items. Much better than Evernote imo.

The way it is simply set up as a school-type notebook, makes it naturally very logical to use; in terms of what a new book should be, its sections and pages hierarchy, and then a bonus to have pages that can be nested in a hierarchy as well. OCR abilities built in are surprisingly good. The search function is amazing; incredibly fast and accurate.

Those who have never checked this out should give it a try. I truly think that short of Outlook, OneNote should really be the flagship product of Office. If you like Outlook... then Outlook and OneNote are a killer combo!


Looking good.

about Microsoft OneNote · ·

Just looking around and it will take notes fine.
Also the offline capabilities for the free versions is far better then Evernotes


This one was my number 1, until ...

about Microsoft OneNote · ·

I could no longer sync between my Android phone and my Windows desktop computer.
A real shame, because other than that it's an excellent choice. I normally prefer Google services, but Google Keep, it's counterpart competitor, it's not nearly as complete in terms of tools/features. For now I'm using WizNote, better than Keep too, not sure I like it better than OneNote yet, but it does sync just fine.
Hopefully Keep will catch up with OneNote soon.



Comment by User1022101
about Microsoft OneNote · Aug 2013 ·

What the hell do they mean onenote is free?
It's great but because I had to change computers often MS stole my money.

So goodby ms office I don't pay for shit 2-3x at you whim.


I LIKE IT! but it is sometimes hard to view

Comment by Joseph864
about Microsoft OneNote · Jun 2013 ·

it is somewhat hard to use but it does the job, its simple and it works for me so i am happy with it


Microsoft OneNote

about Microsoft OneNote · ·

I really would like to clean my computer of this application. I never really understood what is this for or how it works. Currently I am using Zim on windows. On the Mac VoodooPad is still better than Zim, but Zim is free and VoodooPad is Mac only. So Zim is a good option for Windows.

Do you have any link where to download ZIM?

@PeresGil thanks a lot!


I miss onenote badly, currently using

Comment by johnbastin86
about Microsoft OneNote and Xinote · Nov 2011 ·

I miss onenote after getting my Mac. I use and it is pretty similar to onenote in terms of interface. It is quite good for me as of now.

It is used for taking notes, sketching, collecting & sharing realtime. I tried it and now sarted storing my contents safely.

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Seems pretty cool, but...

about Microsoft OneNote · ·

I'm tempted to use this in my lectures, to note-take with PDFs. Unfortunately its PDF handling is awful - it rotates all landscape PDF's 90 degrees, so everything is sideways. Unbelievably, there is no option to rotate a PDF back to normal.
This program has a lot of potential, but Microsoft ruined by messing up its PDF handling.

One suggestion I can give is, instead of using Insert > File Printout, open the file first and then use Print command in the application (e.g. Adobe) and choose your orientation there. This will do the same insertion, but with the correct orientation.


OneNote is arguably the best piece of software of the offic ...

Comment by CarvedBlock
about Microsoft OneNote · Jun 2011 ·

OneNote is arguably the best piece of software of the office suite.

Don't forget to install the PRINTOUT MANAGER plugin.


So I can't view Evernote on my phone if I am offline and I ...

Comment by elommal
about Microsoft OneNote · Jun 2011 ·

So I can't view Evernote on my phone if I am offline and I can't edit notes on my phone. It is like having a bike but can't use it in certain conditions. Pointless.


I'm a big Onenote fan and never really used Evernote. They' ...

Comment by pobox90210
about Microsoft OneNote · Jun 2011 ·

I'm a big Onenote fan and never really used Evernote. They're different though and each have their strengths and weaknesses. It depends on what you really want to do with your notes/screen clippings/URL's/documents...etc. If you want something like Onenote but free, I suggest you try Zoho Notebook. So far, it's the closest thing I've seen and it's online so accessible from many places.