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WorkAround: OneDrive for Vista-Administrators (UAC off)

Negative Review by em4020
about Microsoft OneDrive Apr 2014

It is crazy, that OneDrive cannot be run with Administrator-Accounts on Windows Vista, if the UAC is disabled and the registry has the standard parameter-set.

Details to this disappointing fact see:

  1. [Why wont SkyDrive run with Administrator Accounts on Windows Vista?]( )
  2. German: [Bei der Installation von SkyDrive unter Windows Vista erscheint eine Fehlermeldung]( )

    • Why on earth can't skydrive run with Administrator access enabled? Everything else NEEDS administrator access!
    • Bei der Installation von SkyDrive unter Windows Vista erscheint die Fehlermeldung: "OneDrive kann nicht mit vollständigen Administratorrechten ausgeführt werden. Starten Sie OneDrive ohne Administratorrechte neu."

![Error message, when starting OneDrive with UAC disabled]( )

Workaround-SOLUTION against the OneDrive-Vista-UAC-Bug:

  • Initially the UAC must be activated !
  • Go to regedit (Windows-Start-Button -> Regedit)
  • HKLM/Software/Microsoft/windows/currentversion/policies/system and disable (put it to 0): ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin (normally 1)

Now you are able to use OneDrive as an Vista-Administrator with disabled UAC.

Additional information about the behaviour of the value ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin

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SkyDrive vs. Dropbox on Windows 7 and 8

Review by 10basetom
about Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox Jun 2013

I recently recorded my syncing sessions to demonstrate the latest SkyDrive and Dropbox clients. The Windows 7 video was done at work within a Wi-Fi corporate network (behind proxy); the Windows 8 video was done at home within a typical Wi-Fi home network (no proxy). Both the SkyDrive and Dropbox folders were identical and up-to-date (idle) before I copied the GIMP folder into each. Instead of taking this at face value, I suggest you do your own comparison because YMMV. Here are the videos:

Note that the videos strictly compare syncing performance. To decide for yourself you will also have to take into account the features that are unique to each client: mainly LAN sync for Dropbox and online document editing, remote PC access, and more free storage for SkyDrive.

BOTTOM LINE: Dropbox is A LOT faster, although it's a memory hog and uses a little more CPU time on average. SkyDrive seems to just casually upload a few files at a time and ends up taking forever, even with the performance option enabled.

After performing these comparison tests, I have come to the following conclusion: SkyDrive isn't meant to be as fast as Dropbox -- it's slow by design. I think Microsoft built SkyDrive to sit back and kind of "trickle sync" with the goal of minimizing CPU and memory usage. If this was indeed their goal, then they succeeded because with SkyDrive running you'll hardly notice it's working in the background, whereas sometimes Dropbox drives up the CPU to the point where you hear the fan start to spin up.

More information about the test setup is provided in the description for each video.


It works. It provides a lot for free. Can't believe it's a MS service. :)

Positive Review by mll
about Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, Dropbox Oct 2012

For a project, I recently compared what service brings you the most free space between Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive.

Ease of use was also a criterion.

Results : I've been a long time user of Dropbox, and I love the way it just works without clutter. But in its basic free form, you get only 2 Gb. Google Drive : Gb, and at bit messy imho, with its weird interactions with Google Docs and the rest of the Google nebula. Microsoft Skydrive : 7Gb for free ! Moreover, a nice automatic inteface for uploaded photos, easy way to share.

(I used to hate Microsoft and love Google. But for some years, Google seems to be the one that makes cluttered, buggy and fenced apps. This is another example.)


Windows Live SkyDrive works well with Windows...

Positive Review by tlangster
about Microsoft OneDrive Jun 2012

Windows Live SkyDrive works well with Windows and is a great file upload service. You can't really edit much which is annoying but okay, whatever. It has a pretty good amount of space. It should have more universal compatibility because (quite honestly) it is a big advertisement to Windows. So... all in all this is good but until they can provide universal compatibility so I can sync to my Ubuntu to my Windows 7, it's not perfect.

Overall : 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.


interweb batch uploading sanity MIA

Negative Review by More_Bacon
about Microsoft OneDrive and Amazon Drive Sep 2011

EVERY third party application to (batch) upload to skydrive is an abomination of code/design.

The interweb interface to SkyDrive is so 1995 it hurts