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Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) delivers a satisfactory online file storage and sharing solution in a...

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OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) delivers a satisfactory online file storage and sharing solution in a free and easy to use service. It has a design that is both attractive and functional.
OneDrive lets you edit your Microsoft Office documents online, it offers a lite version of three of the major softwares of the suite Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so if you don't have the suite installed on your PC or Mac you can simply edit them online. OneDrive space starts at 7Gb (and for a short period it is able to extend this space up to 25Gb for free). It also has the cheapest online storage services. So you have full access to your documents on all your computers, wherever you are.
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Microsoft OneDrive (sometimes referred to as OneDrive, Windows Skydrive, SkyDrive, Windows Live Folders) was added by olaj in Mar 2009 and the lastest update was made in Oct 2015. There is a history of activites on Microsoft OneDrive in our Change Log and Activity Log. It's possible to update the information on Microsoft OneDrive or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. If you want a nice widget to put on your website check these out.

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They say you can access all your docs from anywhere, you can't. I save something to onedrive on my desktop and 90% of the time it doesn't show up in onedrive on my tablet. Which makes it pretty useless.


nonetheless, integration (on win7 and win8) is very good. Fast Upload and file-conflict detection/naming policy. Use with truecrypt containers for maximum security.


Actually if you had 25gb you could have kept it, there was a certain time-frame where you could have refused the 7gb downgrade and still had your 25gb. I'm a not so proud member of Hotmail since 2006, and when they started giving 7gb, I just opted out and clicked appropriate link in SkyDrive not to downgrade.

Give this a read: but its to late now -_-


How is this comment a Positive Comment? I think you should change it to Negative Comment.



I believe the original person still see's the product as whole as a positive experience, since he/she did state that he/she is happy with WIN7/8 integration of SkyDrive (OneDrive) and aldo unfortunate 7GB is still not that bad considering people have been fine with 2GB of box for years. I'm personally am just fine with 30GB Copy I have, problem with more storage is the Sync issue.


Seems if you have an old account and opted for it, you get to keep the 25GB free from before, but for new accounts they are only offering 7Gb for free. Why are they taking away GB while many are instead adding more? And then they want you to pay them $10 to get the storage amount they are still giving away free to others?

I suggest to look elsewhere as Google added 10gb and now gives you 15Gb free($5/mo gets you 100Gb paid acct). And Copy gives 20gb free if you sign up through a referral link(, with another 2GB given if you tweet about them, and another 5gb for each friend friend you refer who signs up(offers $10/mo for 250Gb paid acct).

If they still gave a free 25gb, then it would be good for personal use, but 7GB? Yeah right, go for Gooey's 15Gb(+integration with many chrome apps/some FF), or Copy's 20-27Gb(no chrome/FF integration, but come on 27+GB free!). I will have to have of a 200+gb account in a few months so copy will become my paid cloud as it is the cheapest per gig(remember desktop apps only allow one account to sync so 2 accounts would be a pain). If you don't need a huge paid account, I suggest copy for personal use(big space & fast), else if you need a paid account, gDrive is the best free second choice I've found so far(enough space, but slow)


Syncs across ALL devices. FAST. 300MB uploads. Send shortened links to your files. Web interface works great with other browsers.

The standard has been set!


Offers 25 GBs of free storage, but you're limited to downloading 5 files of upto 50MB each time, unless you're using IE.


EDIT: I mean upload (not download), and you can upload upto 200 files as long as you have Silverlight.

Also, Microsoft recently increased the size cap to 100GB.


25GB WebDAV online-storage for free, mounted as drive T in windows explorer: Telekom Mediacenter
If you speak german or can translate the following german site, you can use this unique offer:

For mounting the 25GB as a local drive it is necessary to download and install a little application.
You can also access your files from your iPhone or Android mobile device.


Seems like the service was great and my online file storage still has plenty of room in it. So to speak.


Here is a step by step guide to using Gladinet to connect to your Windows Live Skydrive and have it available as a "Drive" on your computer:



If you want to mount your 25 GB Live SkyDrive as a local drive with synchronized local folders you can do this with