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Why I prefer DropBox to Sharepoint Workspace (SPWS)

Negative Review by em4020
about Microsoft SharePoint Workspace and SugarSync, Dropbox, TeamDrive Jul 2012

In these points DropBox is better for the purpose of folder-synchronisation:

  • Limits of the up- and download-Rate are configurable,
    SPWS has no limitations and slows down the computer .

  • Dropbox allows a HTTP-proxy-definition, so it is able to sync over a company-network-proxy.
    SPWS has no dialog for a HTTP-proxy-definition, so you cannot sync sync over a
    company-network-proxy. You can sync only over another internet-connection without a proxy,
    e.g. an UMTS-connection. But in this case you loose the access to the company-network-folders.

  • The configuration of DropBox is clearly structured and in spite of traffic-limitation and proxy-setting
    much easier, the setting of SPWS is confusing and distributed over too many windows and
    separated apps. It is not easy to bring 2 folders to sync with SPWS.
    Much easier to define folders to sync it is with SpiderOak or SugarSync
    (both also cannot sync over a HTTP-proxy-company-network)

In these points DropBox or TeamDrive is better for the purpose of folder-synchronisation:

  • In sharepoint it is not allowed to sync folders on USB-Harddisks or USB-memory-sticks, in DropBox and Teamdrive this is no problem.

  • DropBox and TeamDrive are portable and need no admin rights
    In these points Sharepoint Workspace (SPWS) is better for the purpose of folder-synchronisation:

  • Similar to SpiderOak or SugarSync you can select each folder separated (max. 2GB) from
    C:\Users\MyUser for synchronisation.
    In DropBox you have only one folder and subfolders, but with [Dropboxifier](Small Dropboxifier iconDropboxifier) or [SymLinker](Small Symlinker iconSymlinker) or similar symbolic-links-tools you also can freely select each folder for the synchronisation with DropBox

  • Sharepoint Workspace (SPWS) is an admitted and an on each computer installed standard software
    in many companies.