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Not Well Suited to Primary Source Research

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If you do a lot of archival research and/or citing of non-published sources (personal correspondence, manuscripts, etc.) in your work, I would not recommend Mendeley. It does not contain the fields you would need to properly cite that kind of material. Zotero is the best alternative I've found for that kind of reference/source management.


Comparison charts by other developers

by joeran
about Mendeley and Docear, Qiqqa, colwiz · Oct 2013 ·

Since I believe that the comparison chart in em4020's review from August 2012 provides a slightly biased picture, I would like to introduce some more (slightly biased) comparison charts :-):

Chart made by Docear

Comparison chart by Colwiz

Chart by Qiqqa

Chart by Refworks

To those who didn't yet realize it: All these charts were created by the developers of the software tools being compared (also the one in em4020's review). I recently wrote about this problem in my Blog

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Comparison of Mendeley with Zotero und similar Products

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Comparison of Mendeley with Zotero

A complete Comparison you find on