Alternatives to Mendeley for all platforms with any license

  • Zotero icon


    Zotero is a free, easy-to-use Firefox/Chrome extension or standalone program to help you collect, organize, manage, search and cite...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome Safari Microsoft Office Word ... LibreOffice Firefox

  • Qiqqa icon


    Qiqqa is free award-winning knowledge-, research- and reference management software. If you're serious about getting the most...

    Freemium Windows Web / Cloud Android Android Tablet

  • JabRef icon


    JabRef is an open source bibliography reference manager. The native file format used by JabRef is BibTeX, the standard LaTeX...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Docear icon


    Docear is a unique solution to academic literature management, which helps you organizing, creating, and discovering academic...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud

  • ReadCube icon


    ReadCube’s desktop and mobile iOS applications are available free for both Mac & PC and offers researchers the ability to discover...

    Freemium Mac Windows Web / Cloud Android iPhone iPad

  • colwiz icon


    colwiz is free software for researchers, academics and students. The iPad, iPhone and iPod touch version sync your research articles...

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad

  • Papers icon


    Papers doesn’t just want your PDFs, it will gladly organize all your documents, whether they are word documents, spreadsheets...

    Commercial Mac Windows Web / Cloud iPhone iPad

  • Citavi icon


    Reference management and knowledge organization with integrated task planner. Solution for work groups with data sharing in intranet...

    Freemium Windows

  • EndNote icon


    A reference management software, used for searching online publication databases, & managing publications / bibliographies, with...

    Commercial Mac Windows Web / Cloud iPad

  • Paperpile icon


    Organize your research papers in a Gmail-like web app, sync your PDFs to Google Drive and cite your references in Google Docs.

    Commercial Web / Cloud Chrome Google Drive Google Drive - Docs Google Scholar

  • BibSonomy icon


    BibSonomy is a system for sharing bookmarks and lists of literature (BibTex format). When discovering a bookmark or a publication...

    Free Web / Cloud

  • AlReader icon


    AlReader 2 is an eBook Reader for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC products as well as Windows This is a free program. # Support...

    Free Windows Windows Mobile Android

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  • Bookends icon


    Bookends is a commercial reference management software package for Mac OS X that is used to manage bibliographies and references when...

    Commercial Mac

  • Peerlibrary icon


    PeerLibrary is an open source project developing a collaborative online community where scholars and researchers can discover, read...

    Open Source Web / Cloud

  • OutWit Hub icon

    OutWit Hub

    OutWit Hub explores the depths of the Web for you, automatically collecting and organizing data and media from online sources. ...

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Firefox

  • BibDesk icon


    BibDesk is a bibliographic reference manager for Mac OS X. BibDesk is designed to help organize and use bibliographic databases in...

    Open Source Mac

  • RefWorks icon


    RefWorks - an online research management, writing and collaboration tool - is designed to help researchers easily gather, manage...

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud

  • icon

    is a social networking website for academics. The platform can be used to share papers, monitor their impact, and follow the research...

    Free Web / Cloud

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  • EasyBib icon


    Automatic works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles. Now supports 7th edition of MLA. ...

    Freemium Web / Cloud Google Drive - Docs

  • Benubird PDF icon

    Benubird PDF Discontinued

    Benubird PDF makes personal document management simple: capture, organize and retrieve your PDF documents effortlessly. Managing files...

    Free Windows

  • TextCite icon


    Program for organizing and commenting textual citations from texts (books, articles, or other published works) for use in producing...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Biblioscape icon


    Software to help researchers collect and manage bibliographic data, take notes while doing research, and generate citations and...

    Commercial Windows

  • PubChase icon


    Read More, Search Less. Stay up to date with biomedical research relevant to you! Get personalized recommendations Build your...

    Free Web / Cloud Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • bibme icon


    BibMe is a free automatic citation creator that supports MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formatting. BibMe leverages external...

    Free Web / Cloud

  • FingerPDF icon


    Do you need efficient access to your technical documentation ? Do you want to increase your knowledge building a personal digital...

    Commercial Mac



    Scientilla is a new approach to give the scientific community an open, free, accurate, tidy and up-to-date production reporting...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Utopia Documents icon

    Utopia Documents

    Utopia Documents is a free PDF reader that connects the static content of scientific articles to the dynamic world of online content. ...

    Free Mac Windows Linux

  • KBibTeX icon


    KBibTeX is a reference management software primarily for BibTeX which is typically used in conjunction with TeX/LaTeX.

    Open Source Linux

  • ACS ChemWorx icon

    ACS ChemWorx

    ACS ChemWorx is a free research management and storage system for chemists that combines reference discovery and management...

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android Android Tablet

  • PDF Stacks icon

    PDF Stacks

    With PDF Stacks, you can organize, find and browse, search, annonate and share your collection and library of PDF files, papers...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • Refeus icon


    Refeus is a software to simplify scientific work. Refeus supports the complete workflow from collecting and managing content and...

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux

  • Sente icon


    Sente 6 is the next-generation academic reference manager. Sente helps you find, organize, review and cite the academic literature in...

    Freemium Mac iPhone iPad

  • Abxtract icon

    Abxtract is a community of academics, engineers, and enthusiasts who are passionate about machine learning papers. We source...

    Free Web / Cloud

  • Droideley icon

    Droideley Discontinued

    Droideley is an unofficial Mendeley Android client. It is capable of synchronizing with your Mendeley library and of downloading the...

    Open Source Android

  • Biohunter icon


    Biohunter is a single portal which provides literature search, data statistics, reading, sorting, storing, journal suggestion for...

    Freemium Web / Cloud

Mendeley Comments

easy to use BUT locks you in

Negative Comment by tommygold
about Mendeley and Docear, Zotero Oct 2013

mendeley is really easy to use. and excellent retrieval of metadata. but: there is ONE big disadvantage. when you create comments in PDFs, mendeley does not export them. that means you cannot use PDFs and comments in other software. you are locked-in. source: (i tried the export and it's true, comments in pdfs are exported in a crappy format).

i use zotero instead. not that easy to use but open source and excellent community. docear also looks nice.


Great for references

Positive Comment by Thelle
about Mendeley Jul 2012

I love Mendeley for creating and sharing references. A must-have tool for all University students.


I love this program. It is still a work in progress, but fu ...

Comment by dmontesi
about Mendeley Jun 2011

I love this program. It is still a work in progress, but functional for the most part, and I've already written papers with it. The main points that made me move from EndNote and Zotero to Mendeley where:
-PDF MANAGEMENT. There is really nothing like this out there. Just drop a pdf file in the Mendeley window and it adds the paper to your database. That easy! You might have to correct a couple of tiny things, but for the most part it's done. Yes, in 1 second it adds a reference, renames your pdf file (AuthorYearTitle.pdf) and neatly stores it in the Mendeley folder on your hard drive! You can also build your library out of that black hole/folder with random pdf's you have. Just tell Mendeley to monitor it!
-WORD/OPEN OFFICE INTEGRATION: Yes, like your most valuable reference managers it functionally integrates with your word processor. I hope they extend support to LibreOffice soon! Also, they should allow users to modify styles since you can only use the ones already available (the same styles available for Zotero anyways).
-CLOUD STORAGE. It is cool to access your files anywhere, but you can not edit them from the web/IPad app so it's mostly useless to me unless I bring my laptop with me anyways. Also the cloud storage it's really expensive when compared with other companies (compare to Livedrive !), however, the first 500Mb are free so you can configure it to back up only the folders you are working with.
No doubt the best tool out there for academics and the such!


Mendeley is the only (free) app on linux that allows you to ...

Comment by landroni
about Mendeley Jun 2011

Mendeley is the only (free) app on linux that allows you to create comments in your PDFs, and does so with style.


mendeley is a lot more friendly than zotero, also don't dep ...

Comment by edmar
about Mendeley Jun 2011

mendeley is a lot more friendly than zotero, also don't depend of the firefox to work. Is already the best PDF/reference manager and gets better and better each version.


gordita_de_lisoform, that feature you mention that is missi ...

Comment by rvidal
about Mendeley Jun 2011

gordita_de_lisoform, that feature you mention that is missing in the new version is only temporarily gone. It is being redesigned and optimized and will return in one of the next releases. :-)


It has amazingly useful features like auto-extracting refer ...

Comment by gordita_de_lisoform
about Mendeley Jun 2011

It has amazingly useful features like auto-extracting references from indexing sites like pubmed and google scholar... but it's a pity that the new version lacks the old feature that automatically extracted references from pdf articles stored in the hard drive :(


it works fine with me in ubuntu no crash no bugs and also i ...

Comment by hero1900
about Mendeley Jun 2011

it works fine with me in ubuntu no crash no bugs and also it still beta so we should support these kind of projects
so glade to hear about this
thx so so much


Just so things are made clear, Mendeley is free. Any of the ...

Comment by rvidal
about Mendeley Jun 2011

Just so things are made clear, Mendeley is free. Any of the features what it currently provides for free, will remain free. There will be premium features coming up and those should have a specified cost. Also to keep in mind, Mendeley has sync features so you can sync your Zotero and CiteULike accounts with Mendeley. (Disclaimer: Beside being a long time user, I'm currently also community liaison with Mendeley)


It's not open source unlike zotero, and has plans to turn c ...

Comment by Ravi
about Mendeley Jun 2011

It's not open source unlike zotero, and has plans to turn commercial. Which means all of a sudden you may be faced with the option of migrating to zotero or paying $$$. Most features are derivative of zotero, though collaboration with the wider research community is a lot better than zotero. Still I would recommend that instead of mendeley you use zotero in combination with for academics by academics, full functionality, no gimmicks.


Great in principle, in practice it's very very buggy, took ...

Comment by BrandDynamics
about Mendeley Jun 2011

Great in principle, in practice it's very very buggy, took me literally days to run to index my 3,500 pdf's (Ok, on a slow XP box Athlon 2100+) research library crashing all the way through, i'm persisting as there is nothing better out there especially for a PDF library manager and citation manager, maybe Endnote, Cathy, Scan, Zotero? So i hope later releases will fix the many many CTD and hanging bugs.


the sharing research papers section is a good idea but in m ...

Comment by Hugues
about Mendeley Jun 2011

the sharing research papers section is a good idea but in my opinion papers is better in using google scholar or others scientific searc engine to identify the publication.


I'm glad you added Mendeley. I must say that it works prett ...

Comment by rvidal
about Mendeley Jun 2011

I'm glad you added Mendeley. I must say that it works pretty much the same on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). It's a free desktop and web solution designed for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online.