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Unusably slow for CSV files

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For CSV files that differ by something simple in each line, like the date format being YYYY-MM-DD vs. MM/DD/YYYY, Meld is extremely slow. It takes MINUTES (or hours, who knows, I quit it after 5 minutes) to highlight the inline difference. I've filed a bug against this in their Bugzilla - let's hope the developer fixes it.

By comparison (no pun intended), the CompareIt tool (2009, Windows only, ) is 25 times faster.

Comment by Djidiouf
about Meld · May 2017 ·

Nice design and reliable. However, it's a bit slow


Pretty and productive

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Easy on the eyes User Interface (UI) which is clear and to the point. Should have used it sooner!


A definite alternative to Araxis Merge, however has been no longer developed since July 2015

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Have used Araxis Merge for years at my work place.. However, was pleased to see Meld Merge when I installed Linux Mint. Also, had come to discover that Meld is also available for Windows. Was a bit saddened to read that Meld Merge for Windows has been stopped in Development as of July 2015.

Meld is still being developed. The last version is from June 2017. (I don't know about the Windows version, but the Linux one is).