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Kim Dotcom Warns Mega Users to Backup Their Files

Negative Review by Erfahrungen
about MEGA Sep 2016

Kim Dotcom is warning users of Mega, the cloud storage company he founded in 2013, to back up their files. According to the entrepreneur, Mega is now under the control of Bill Liu, a New Zealand-based Chinese national that is currently fifth on China's most-wanted criminal list.



Mega is a super ultimate

Positive Review by koushaldeva
about MEGA Jan 2016

This is a super size cloud storage man and with the extensions this is ultimate and the free storage is upto 50gb which is damm coooooooool
you never ger those features anywhere ....
MEGA is damm super


Best storage I've used.

Positive Review by nohtml
about MEGA and CloudBacko Oct 2014

The server is quite fast, it has good security, good applications and you get rather nice storage space size for a free account.


Reliable site

Positive Review by Zipotron
about MEGA Sep 2014

50 Gb of space free but a little slow for a free membership.

Have a choice of:

No-membership...: Upload files with only a link for sharing, no management

Free membership.: Upload, download & management but slow... 10 Gb bandwidth

Pro membership..: Upload, download & management and faster..
* Pro 1: 500 GB Storage, 12 TB Bandwidth @ 100 €
* Pro 2: 2 TB Storage, 48 TB Bandwidth @ 200 €
* Pro 3: 4 TB Storage, 96 TB Bandwidth @ 300 €


Maybe the best?

Positive Review by Carnilino
about MEGA Jan 2014

MEGA is releasing desktop app this january. Compared to other services with 50GB of free space, it is to become my favourite. Encryption and option to pay 99€/year for 500GB of space and also accesible on various platforms it's pretty damn cool.