MediaShout Reviews

Switching from outdated Mediashout to OpenLP

Positive Review by josephvilneff
about MediaShout Mar 2016

Our church was running Mediashout 3.5 and could not afford $500 to upgrade to 6.0
After researching and test installing on my home pc i went with OpenLP for free.
OpenLP is comapreable to EasyWorship for ease of use and well laid out.
Great software, only missing two features I hope are added later.
Missing motion backgrounds
(I don't use them they are distracting)
Missing the ability to change backgrounds on every slide in a slideshow - but can use different images in a group
(I just use images which and add the text in with a graphic editing program like photoshop or GIMP for a free option)
Other than that i have found no issues with this software.
I rate is very high as i can do anything i need with it.
Quick tip, if using it also install VLC player freeware.
This alows openlp to play any video type you can image.



Positive Review by joshuafry
about MediaShout and EasyWorship Feb 2013

Our church has recently switched to media shout. After using easy worship, we decided this program would better meet our needs. I LOVE how you are able to customize features more than Easy Worship. This program gives you a more "Professional look"