MediaHuman YouTube To MP3 Converter Reviews

A great and simple application for my everyday use

I have used the program a while now and I've never had any trouble. The program is user-friendly and simple so that I can download songs fast. I also think that it's great that the program is in Norwegian which is my native language :)


YouTube to MP3 Converter

Best app I've found anywhere on the WEB.
Easy to use, regularly updated with product upgrades that are ACTUALLY USEFUL. I can playlist to my heart's content!
Reliable app that can be tailored to your personal preferences, and you can customize the format of the downloaded file.


Almost perfect App! I would recommand it for sure.

PROs: according to me it is easiest way how to download multiple songs from Youtube in short period of time.

CONs: It just does not allow to download different playlists into different folders, you have to rename them manualy before downloading.

I've been using this app for more then a year and I would recommand it to everyone! I've tried several other apps but finaly stopped with this one. GJ guys


Fast, Reliable and Easy

"MediaHuman Youtube To MP3 Converter" is the best software to download YouTube videos into .mp3 format.

The way the application is set up makes it more comfortable for the user to know what they are doing instead sitting there confused for a hour or more. My favourite features of MediaHuman's software, is the TurboBoost and access to download a playlist. With TurboBoost, it allows you to download the YouTube videos in a .mp3 format much more quicker, even though you have to pay for it, the software gives you a free trial which I definitely enjoy. Also instead of copying and pasting each individual video into the application yourself, you can copy a url/link of a YouTube playlist, and it will easily paste each video from the playlist with one click.

I have tried online websites that download YouTube videos into .mp3, but I've never seen anything easier, faster and reliable than MediaHuman's software.

By Nathan Henderson or coolclubosocial


Best Youtube, Soundcloud Converter

For a long time I used Zamzar and other online converters/rippers but eventually I got fed up with all the work and how long it took. I eventually stumbled onto MediaHuman's Youtube converter and haven't looked back since. I've been using this converter for at least 4 years, about a year after finding this software I decided to switch to Linux exclusively and was not happy thinking I'd have to find a new program (still bitter about losing MusicBee lol). But guess what?! One of the best things about this converter is that they have a Linux version! I've turned my whole family onto this program, it's on at least 4 or 7 computers in my house. It's quick, easy to use, can monitor a Youtube playlist (one of the best features IMO), works on all platforms and exceeds where others fail. I will continue to use this converter as long as it has a version for Linux and is topnotch!


Hands down the best music converter and downloader.

This works. It is fast, and stable (even without the key) and so so easy to use. Literally drag and drop your playlists (I use it for soundcloud and utube) into the app, open the download folder and drop them into itunes.

It has a small footprint and is fast on my x86 platform

Really good to get new music for proper listening when at work.

I pretty much turned all my friends onto it and none of us have anything bad to say about it thus far.



Fantastic Program

There are so many videos on youtube where the video component just doesn't matter but the person made the video instead of making a podcast.
Now I can convert the videos over and put them on iTunes and listen to them while I'm doing something else. I also convert a lot of videos over that are
in foreign languages so I have something to listen to to help me learn a new language. The program is fantastic for both of these things. It moves very quickly and gives extremely high quality audio files and doesn't crash or lock up my computer like some of the others I tried before this one.
Thanks for the great program and keep up the good work!

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Awesome program easy to use. supports other services

Ever since i first started using it. I loved it. it can integrate with iTunes, and even do other services like Soundcloud,, etc. I like that it can even convert up to 320kbps. No issues using it at all. It does take some tweaking though in the amount of downloads going at a time, usually 5 works fine. Keep up the good work media human!


Just the best

The best downloader for youtube music.Top quality sound with not losing a data and great download speed.


A truly fantastic application

So far I've tried three downloaders, this is the only one that has actually done what it says on the tin and only download the music. It commonly saves 60-70% of my bandwidth and downloads songs scarily quickly.

Huge props to all the guys at media human.

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The best for so many reasons.

Eu não sei nem por onde começar pra descrever o porque desse programa ser o melhor.
Ele é limpo, não tem um monte de coisa poluindo o visual do programa, quando não esta fazendo download tem apenas duas barras bastante discretas e com somente o necessário.
É simples de usar, até mesmo a pessoa mais leiga saberia utiliza-lo sem ter de procurar por um tutorial na internet.
E agora, as opções definitivas pelo qual escolhi esse programa acima de qualquer outro:
Opção de auto iniciar download quando copio algum link.
Elimina o download da lista assim que finaliza ele.
Essas duas opções são tão importantes pra mim porque eu posso sair copiando o link de 200 musicas no youtube sem precisar maximizar o programa, e quando eu abrir o programa se a lista de downloads estiver vazia eu sei que é porque ele já finalizou o download das musicas. Ou seja, meu trabalho foi de abrir o programa e fecha-lo, 3 cliques e só.
Mesmo que a MediaHuman distribua códigos de ativação do Modo Turbo no programa eu 100% recomendaria você a comprar a licensa para dar suporte a esses incríveis desenvolvedores.

English (Not my first language)

I don't even know where to start to describe why this software is the best.
It is clean, doesn't have a lot of things polluting the look of the software, when not downloading has only two very discrete bars and it has only the necessary.
It is simple to use, even the most lay person would know how to use it without having to search for a tutorial on the internet.
And now, the definitive reason why I choose this software instead any other:
- Option to auto start download when I copy a link.
- Eliminates the list of download when it ends.
These two options are so important for me because I can go by copying the link of 200 songs on youtube without maximize the software once, and when I open the software if the list of downloads is empty I know it's because he has already completed the download of the songs. That is, my job was to open the software and close it, only 3 clicks at all.
I 100% recommend this software to everybody.