MediaFire Reviews

BOKUM GIBI 1 Helpful

Positive Review by tanselyakut
about MediaFire Jan 2017



Just dropped the desktop app

Review by shannonchadwick
about MediaFire May 2016

We have a paid membership and 99% of our uploads are through the desktop app. They just discontinued the desktop app... That means we will be discontinuing our membership. Their support is terrible, try finding an actual email address. I got better service from them through Facebook.


Removed functions without notice to paid members

Negative Review by xushe
about MediaFire Mar 2016

I have an account with mediafire and I had boiled my decisions based upon my needs to two factors: cost vs storage and the ability to watch my media whereever I was.

I was told yesterday in an email from support that the reason I could no longer find the LISTEN or WATCH function is because they have removed it and it is no longer supported.

So now they are just like every other cloud storage.

When my membership is expired I will cancel and move everything over to something better.

I am pretty upset by this because what I PAID FOR I am no longer able to enjoy!



Hands down best "shared hosting" site.

Positive Review by User8994768
about MediaFire and µTorrent Dec 2012

No popups, no wait times, no captcha, fast as hell. Heck I'd take any one of these penalties over anything else, if there was one.


Free but slow

Positive Review by Reprotected
about MediaFire Aug 2011

Good free hosting
No waiting to download
No stupid surveys

Slow free download


Not like the other file-sharing sites

Positive Review by arahman56
about MediaFire Jun 2011

Unlike other file-sharing sites, there's no waiting for downloads, and supports multiple simultaneous downloads. But instead, there are ads in the download screen.
A nice tradeoff, I would say.

The Premium version supports bulk-downloads, and uploading of files upto 2GB in size, among others.

Also, it's easy to copy files shared in Mediafire through other users into your own account, and you can set files uploaded as "private" if you don't want other people downloading it.