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Yet another case of form over function

Negative Review by RebeccaWhit3
about MediaElch and Media Companion, FileBot, Kodi Feb 2016

This software looks amazing but didn't work at all for me.

I downloaded/installed the Windows version (portable), launched it, and nearly every feature is broken. Essentials such as setting your media library have no effect — making the application useless. It also did not detect my Kodi installation (default directory) and forced me to manually add/edit media anyhow.

I've also tried: MediaCompanion (broken w. overkill interface), and FileBot (drag-n-drop style interface that actually works)

In conclusion: FileBot is the best software for renaming inconsistently titled TV/Movie files as of 2/15/2016. If anyone remembers TVRenamer from a few years back, it's like that but better.

[Updated links, RebeccaWhit3, February 15]