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developer has the malware mindset

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I cannot trust this software nor should you.


MediaCoder is MALWARE: needs a warning for the ignorant

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This developer has a long history abusing users and the GPL community.

five years later (now) and nothing has improved

This is still adware: ALL adware is malware by definition

This is not special software. It is a frontend for ffmpeg

[Edited by F--Kmalware, March 13]

[Edited by F--Kmalware, March 13]


Dishonest pricing model

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I don't mind paying for software. I do mind software that pretends to be free, then demands money when you try to use key features.
HEVC encode, un-lobotomized batch encoding, NVENC all require money.

I actually LOOKED for pricing and the possibility of paying for a license before downloading, but the author's site swore up and down it was free. Then the other shoe dropped - pay $190 to use the features listed.

Welp, I don't do business with liars...