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Mate vs Cinnamon vs Windows XP Home

Positive Review by Translator5
about MATE and Cinnamon, Linux Mint, Windows XP Jan 2016

Yesterday I've been testing Cinnamon vs. Mate and the solution was a fully surprising for me!

I've used my old Sony Vaio PCV-RS-702 with a little hardware upgrade of 2 GB RAM.
There is an old Intel Pentium 4 1xCore with 3.2 Ghz.
So it's a old pc to use for Internet and Office.
I use the 32bit Version of Linux Mint ROSA.

So the Test I make is 1st I've tried a clear Reboot and autamatically boot into the specific desktop. (Nothing in the autostart!)

Cinnamon used ~ 350Mb - 380Mb RAM and ~ 5% - 45% of my CPU.
Mate used ~ 315Mb - 375Mb RAM and 1% - 13% of my CPU.

Why I did make the experiment?
Because if I use Windows XP Home SP1 which was been sold to me with the PC 2003.
My Windwows Desktop uses just 200MB RAM and 1% - 3% of my CPU.