Maptitude Reviews

Maptitude is the Way to Go for GIS

Positive Review by siouxremer
about Maptitude May 2016

I have used Maptitude exclusively in my 20+ years in health/hospital planning. It has been indispensable in my work. Mapping data oftentimes tells the story in a way other modes can’t do. I was very excited at the prospect of being able to make custom maps efficiently with all the 'virtual' cartographic tools a health planner would need. Maptitude exceeded my expectations over the years in both the product and the quality of support offered. The upgrades have been excellent in making this tool even more powerful yet relatively easy to use while maintaining an affordable price. If you know nothing about GIS, and even if you do, the Maptitude training is worth the money and effort.


Maptitude Mapping Software Excels

Positive Review by rudy15
about Maptitude Jul 2015

Maptitude™ Review

[Short version] : Maptitude™ excels in the GIS software landscape due to its ease of use, intuitive GUI (familiar Windows interface first developed by Xerox™ and Apple™ in the 1980s), universal cut-copy-paste features (within and outside software, OS complying) and due diligence to database management protocol. It follows strict adherence to topology avoid the geometric pitfalls of shapefile based GIS. Spatial analysis tools are capable of handling very large datasets that are only limited by memory and processor speeds. Unlimited geocoding, complex spatial queries using without programming language knowledge and high quality cartography makes Maptitude™ a few standard deviations above the industry average and the GIS software to beat.

[Long Version] :

One of the fundamental advantages of using Maptitude over other GIS software is the extensive use of ‘Selection Sets’ or what we know in database lingo as ‘view’ (wikipedia defines ‘views’ (SQL) as “ a stored query on the data”. Views or ‘Named queries’ are at the heart of Maptitude™ and hence makes map making and geometric/topological manipulations easy and intuitive.

But first, why Maptitude™? Suppose, each pharmacy in a city is asked to report the 10 nearest hospitals or 1000 middle income ($50-80K household income) customers. The number of steps to achieve this in Maptitude™ is surprisingly small. The ‘Edit-Fill’ function (two key strokes) in the data(view) window (very similar to Microsoft Excel’s ‘Fill’ function) allows you to perform an incredibly vast array of geographic analyses like the above pharmacy example. Competing GIS software either requires programming or large number of steps to achieve similar outcomes. Since all types of geoprocessing can be conceived through programming, the role of GIS software should be to ease any programming burden and allow intuitive geoprocessing to flourish. Maptitude™ excels in this context.

Sometimes I challenge my students to find the shortest number of steps to solve a problem using any GIS of their choice. Maptitude™ wins hands down. For example: I asked students to find a circular band around each town (14 in total) that covers 300 miles of roads for each town (of the 15K miles of roads covering 10 counties assigned). Maptitude™ required no programming and used 5-10 clicks to get a map showing colored circular bands around each of the 14 towns and taking less than 20 minutes of total time on a moderately fast desktop PC. The same assignment done using ArcGIS™ required programming a script using Python™ and required an approximate solution for one town before the system crashed.

Maptitude™ has an intuitive interface with a map view ‘window’ and a dataview ‘window’ (both of these are ‘views’/’‘named queries’ saved in the GIS project). One of the advantages of this database approach is file handling. The original database is not edited (unless one wants to permanently change mistakes, updates etc) but ‘queried’ as in any typical database system. This approach is called ‘non-destructive editing’ like the ones seen in Picasa™ photo editing software or Adobe Lightroom™ software. It optimizes disk space and avoids the bookkeeping nightmare faced in many GIS related projects due to file duplication, file mis-tracking etc. This is also the future of mapping since multiple users and analysts work on the same map database and reuse map data multiple times. In addition, this allows for easy collaboration as we see software moving towards cloud based computing. It does not mean the desktop nature of Maptitude™ is redundant. In fact, Maptitude™ is still heavily desktop based (a few instances of Maptitude™ in cloud based systems like Amazon Web Services is showing up). A fastfood chain recently chose Maptitude™ for the privacy and security provided in desktop systems in addition to other advantages Maptitude has over competing software.

The second reason for Maptitude as a primary choice is their data handling. Big DATA is the buzzword now in science and business and Maptitude™ allows gigabytes size files to work effortlessly. With unlimited geocoding, almost unlimited rows and columns (1 billion by 1 million or more) the analytic capabilities far exceeds spreadsheet limits and most desktop computing. The seamless interface with Oracle™ and other database systems allows Maptitude to be the workhorse GIS.

Exciting 3D modeling (including sunset etc. sky themes, network tools (limited to shortest paths, network voronois and some network redistricting), wide array of cartographic tools, crosstab tools etc. reduces the need for support software (like Excel™, Adobe™) to complete a mapping project. There is a flexible intuitive file-management interface, group editing, workspace save etc. in Maptitude™. A flexible ‘windows’ graphic user interface -- easy to comprehend like the ones pioneered by Xerox™, Apple™ OS and WIndows™ OS (no Windows™ ribbon interface yet) etc makes Maptitude™ an easy choice.

Finally, for $695 with census data at local, regional and country level (from tracts to counties and zipcodes) and the sheer volume of easy to use functionality makes me -- a 20 year veteran of GIS a happy consumer.

I’ve used Maptitude™ and TransCAD™ (form the same parent company Caliper™ Corporation) the GIS of my choice for the very reason that I can complete research in academia and industry (including startups in Silicon Valley) with the minimum of effort and hours. This provides me with enormous economies of scale when enterprise type projects require my expertise.


Great Customer Service for Academics

Positive Review by kathrynreed
about Maptitude and ArcGIS Jun 2015

I am a student at the University of Dallas reviewing the sales team's customer service. I inquired about a student licence of Maptitude around 3pm and had a reply in 5 minutes, it's of course the standard message but that was exceedingly prompt. Then the next surprise was that the company responded with, 'we would be happy to donate Maptitude for Academic Use'. I was originally trying to get an ArcGIS student licence, but it was so complicated to use in the free trial (my only relevant experience with this is a class on analyzing spatial data in R). Also, $100 for the ArcGIS licence, while perhaps fair, was not exactly easy to come up with. My only cost here is the $3 my university will charge to send the documentation. I really appreciate the work done developing Maptitude, I have only worked with the trial for a couple hours but I found it very intuitive and was easily able to load one of my sample data sets straight from Excel begin working with the map.


Great Product

Positive Review by James_Gaboardi
about Maptitude May 2015

I have had nothing but great experiences in my dealings with Caliper's customer service. When I have a question or request it has never been longer than one business day to get a a reply and generally much less than that.


Great customer service!

Positive Review by DKomasara
about Maptitude May 2015

As a student researcher for the summer, I contacted them about a possible student discount. They responded quickly, and have donate a copy for free! Thank you for supporting academics!


Cost-effective GIS for business analysis

Positive Review by KirstenTisdale
about Maptitude Apr 2015

Maptitude is excellent for doing geographic analysis projects looking at: where existing customers are and new ones might be (including using the built-in demographic data); identifying hot-spots, patterns and trends that can't be seen in Excel. It is really helpful with network design tasks - which sites are best: centres of gravity; visualising size of flows between distribution centres; allocating volume to different depots.

If you're coming to Maptitute from a GIS background, I think you'll be impressed with what you get for your money. If you're coming to it from MapPoint or you haven't used GIS before, then it can take some time and the right head to be able to use the package. Either way, you can ask for a free demo, so you can see what you're getting.


Quickest & best service I've received in a long time

Positive Review by Ashley123456789
about Maptitude Apr 2015

I am very impressed with Maptitude's response time and service level. It's rare that a company responds to inquiries so efficiently. The assistance they provided me was amazing!



Review by Paul32
about Maptitude Apr 2015

I have started to use Maptitude in September 2014, as an alternative to Mappoint, that I used for > 10 years. Before I did, I tested many other programs, Maptitude turned out to be the best solution offering extensive options and excellent help files and videos. Geocoding, layering of information, the quality of the maps and available color palet allow to create professional looking maps. Maptitude has become my program of choice in my work as a logistics consultant.


Excellent software

Positive Review by Brett_Lucas
about Maptitude Apr 2015

Maptitude is a great software program. It is my go to software program for all of business geography and locational intelligence mapping needs for both the US and Canada. For the price, this program exceeds on all fronts.