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Review by cannebehiffa-1940
about MailChimp and MailerLite Jun 2016

In my opinion, Mail chimp is the best email marketing tool existing. You wont be able to find such stable, good-looking, useful and carefully supported tool as MailChimp. But when our projects started to grow we noticed that costs of email campaigns became too expensive for us. And so we came to the point where we weren't able to afford MailChimp no more, and started looking for alternatives.

Have tested AWeber CampaignMonitor, Constant Contact, iContact and Campayn we finally came to MailerLite. To this date I can say that MailerLite with its features and UIX is the closest alternative to MailChimp with f*awesome price policy.

[MailerLite]( ) / [MailChimp]( )
5000 sbc : 10$ / 50$
25000 sbc : 50$ / 150$
50000 sbc : 100$ / 240$

![GUI of MailerLite]( "enter image title here")

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