Mailbird Reviews

Only supports 1 account on the free version

Negative Review by khidreal
about Mailbird Dec 2016

that's it, has a great interface, really got me catched... till the moment I saw it only supports 1 account...


The best mail client what i have ever seen before.

Positive Review by insidesystem
about Mailbird and Thunderbird Nov 2016

I am a very demanding user. I'm using at the same time around 30-35 at some times 40-60 different ACTIVE mail accounts. On each account i receiving 2-3-5 emails daily (depends on a day). So, i have really a lot of work with mail's. Summary, i have around ~30.000-35.000 emails in my boxes (together).

![enter image description here]( "enter image title here")

This is to be clear VERY BIG amount of emails. Performance of a mail client is very important for me. Glitches, lags, heavy CPU / RAM usage it's a first reason to stop using app. I have tried outlook, thunderbird, other mail apps. All of them has used a lot of PC resources, a lot of RAM, and VERY BIG amount of storage (7-8GB just to store all of my mails). Average usage of Thunderbird were around 500-700MB of RAM, and very heavy CPU usage. I really tired of lags from Thunderbird... So, 1 year ago i decide to move all of my emails to new software, with next important requirements:

  1. Multiaccount support
  2. Lightweight, without heavy resource usage
  3. Free or Cheap license
  4. Possible to hide to tray / receive nice notifications
  5. Easy and fast search inside all boxes
  6. Mails sorts without removing
  7. A Tool which i will always keep in my tray and which i will use many times per day should looks not awful like Thunderbird.

And? And i found mailbird somewhere, and i start to love it from the first look. I have downloaded free version, then i bought paid one, and what i get?

  1. Adequate resource usage, much lower then Thunderbird or Outlook.
    For example, right now i have ~30-35K PROCESSED emails, and my mailbird using just 108MB of RAM, and 0-1% cpu usage on Core2Duo processor with 4GB of ram!

![enter image description here]( "enter image title here")
![enter image description here]( "enter image title here")

To be clear, this is MEGA good results! i do not feeling ANY lags anymore because of my very big amount of mails and mail software which always running in my task-bar.

  1. First time on my life i got very organized emails. I do not missing any emails, i can process ALL of them, or move to archive, or mark as important, or replace to another storage, etc. Usually to process 50-60 mails dayly i have used before mailbird around 2 hours per day. Right now with mailbird i'm spending up to 30 minutes or less, because app always runned at my taskbar, and if i receive mail i processing it instantly (because of mailbird my Inbox right now ZERO!)

![enter image description here]( "Inbox Zero because of MAILBIRD!")

  1. How it looks like, oh, this is really super nice design this lightweight and very productive tool have. I really like it a lot.

  2. Extra tools, i'm using around maybe 10% of all available tools in mailbird, but time to time i like to use extra apps directly inside mailbird app, like todoist, or

I strngly recommend to use mailbird app, because this app very lightweight, very beautiftul, very intuitive and user-friendly, very easy to process high volumes of daily emails. Try it, and you will understand what i mean.


Amazing!!! - But... Always room for some improvements :)

Positive Review by dinosw
about Mailbird and Inbox by Gmail, Fetchnotes, Nov 2015

There is nothing bad to say about this masterpiece.
Even if a problem should arise, they are very swift at addressing it.
It is integrated with some of the best web applications.
Their unified inbox, works like a charm.
I have some small wishes, for this program though:

*[Inbox by Gmail]( ) has a few gems, I'd like to see here:
- Preview attachments, and not just the attachment type.
- Grouping in Inbox, as an alternative to labels (or supplement).
- You more or less "maximize" your email, instead of seeing it in a new window/separate window.

*Also, I am getting to really like []( ), but i am still missing some way to access "quick"notes from browsing.
- This is where [Fetchnotes]( )' [chrome extension]( ) really outshines the rest, I do not use Fetchnote otherwise.
- But for very fast notes, whilst browsing, there is nothing better.


Seriously the best

Positive Review by HG
about Mailbird Oct 2015

One of the few applications that I have paid a premium for. It has all the functionalities that I look for and that I need.


simply the best

Positive Review by debastosj
about Mailbird Sep 2015

Just installed and used this program for a short time but I loved it.
The clean and functional interface and the ability to add google docs and calendar is very useful to me.
I've tried many email clients but this is the best and convinced me quickly.


Hands down best mail client

Positive Review by pansylee
about Mailbird Sep 2015

They regularly update it and work on it.
Great layout, great color.
I bought a lifetime license. That's how awesome it is!


I love it!

Positive Review by LiBra58
about Mailbird Sep 2015

This is the best email application I ever had and believe me, I have tried a lot of them! The extensive functionality, with integration of other apps like Whatsapp works great. For me, to be able to customize the look and feel is very important and it Mailbird has that option. Also, the new account wizard automatically finds the correct mailserver-info when installing new accounts. I have many mailaccounts, also from my own domains, that is something no other app ever achieved.

In short: I love it!


Wonderfully easy to use and well integrated

Positive Review by warrenmarshall
about Mailbird Sep 2015

I love having all of my email accounts in one client as well as the smooth integration with DropBox, Evernote and Google Calendar.

Lightweight and fast, Mailbird is a very solid all-in-one email client. It's replaced several apps for me and that's a giant win.


Best Email Client for Windows

Positive Review by christianchung
about Mailbird Aug 2015

Setup is quick and easy and it allows for multiple email addresses and can display them in a unified inbox. Mailbird has really taken the time to consider how people communicate and has taken steps to include those additional methods. I have recommended Mailbird to my colleagues and will continue to do so. It's far and away the best option for email clients available for Windows.


Just what I wanted!

Positive Review by AlexisR
about Mailbird Aug 2015

This is just what I wanted for my email!! I love the unified inbox where I can see all my email accounts at once in one list. And it is easy to read and just plain awesome!! So happy I found it. Thank you Mailbird!!


Leaving Outlook behind

Positive Review by ahmadv
about Mailbird Aug 2015

Since I started using my gmail account as my primary, I found that Outlook was not performing to my satisfaction, after various suggestions on different forums, I decided to move to Mailbird. Although it's only a few days I can see that this will be my new email home.


Mailbird is really good and continues to get better

Positive Review by svenpeter
about Mailbird Aug 2015

This email client is one of the best out there - no questions asked. Finding a better one is down to personal preferences and Mailbird is my client of choice.

The client has a minimalistic and intuitive design. Really nice looking but with a strong focus on function and efficiency. One of the best things is the common inbox for all accounts and a large set of shortcuts.

I will also honour the Mailbird team for their commitment to constant improvement through user engagement. Mailbird is really good and will stay really good. Good stuff.



Positive Review by MariusdeBeer
about Mailbird Aug 2015

I switched to this app after having ENDLESS issues with MS Outlook across both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

What is the difference between Mailbird and MS Outlook?

  1. Mailbird works.
  2. Mailbird does not CONSTANTLY ask you for your password WHICH YOU SAVE EACH TIME.

I am still getting used to the interface, and will need to set up all my mail rules and signatures but it is a small price to pay in my opinion.

As a Support Engineer for a web hosting company, I have just found my go-to alternative and will be recommending this to all clients in future.


Great Application

Positive Review by onlineth1
about Mailbird Aug 2015

I used to use Thunderbird but it has become way to slow and crashed too many times. Trying to find an alternative, I came across MailBird and it has been great. It's fast, reliable, and great shortcut features. It has a modern UI and has a great set of apps within the application.