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A really fast Disc Imaging Backup Software to make a complete *.mrimg or *.iso copy of your hard drive; it has a built-in scheduler, you can set it up to create backups of the windows harddrive automatically in the background, during you work with Windows XP or Vista. Images can be saved off to network drives, DVDs, or removable drives (USB and FireWire). Images can be password-protected for the security of your data. Using Microsofts Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS). Its very well supported by... More info »

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Don't get me wrong, it is a good free product. BUT they need to include at the VERY LEAST the ability to do DIFFERENTIAL backups (like Paragon). The FREE version by forcing or sticking with ONLY a full backup EVERY time is to say the least BAD. That is why I don't recommend this product to my friends or people NEW to doing image backups. I usually recommend AOMEI BACKUPPER. Why? Because it is FREE and not just a trial or anything, AND it ALLOWS ALL THE FOLLOWING: 1. Full Backup 2. Differential Backup 3. Incremental Backup So, WHY use anything else?


Thank you very much; I used Macrium to ghost my old computer to new one, and it was amazing, so I was going to use it for backup too. I'm looking at Aomei now.


It is possible to run (also the free version) reflect.exe from the command line or a VB script. So it is easy to schedule new backups and to clean up old backup-images e.g. with Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler. A number of command line arguments allow the user flexibility to perform a number of actions. There are three main usage areas as follows:

For running a backup use the syntax as follows:

reflect.exe [-v | -e [-w] [-full | -inc | -diff] [xml filename] ]

Example to run a full backup using an XML file: reflect.exe -e "c:\backup.xml"


A. Cleanup old images with Macrium Free Edition automatically

Macrium Reflect Free Edition is the best free disk-image-application for 32+64 bit Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, but it cannot clean up old backup-images automatically, as the Standard-, PRO- and Server-Editions of Macrium Reflect or the commercial products Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost do. For the automatical cleaning up of old backup files with Macrium Reflect Free Edition to prevent the hard disk from being overfilled, you can choose one of two methods:

  1. Keep only a maximum of X full backups with Macrium Relect Free Eddition and a bat-file

    My personal solution for this cleanup-task is a batch-file Del.Older.than.P2-Files.bat for the cleanup. With this method you give the new backup in the folder "Drive:....\Backup-Folder\m0" (month 0). You always have the latest X=5 backups in the subfolders of "Drive:....\Backup-Folder" m0, m1, m2, m3, m4, m5. The name of "Drive:....\Backup-Folder\" you can freely select as command-line parameter %1 and the drive as %2.

  2. Cleanup images older than X days with the free application DelAge32

B. Cleanup old images with Macrium Reflect Standard Edition (Prize $45 USD + VAT)

In Macrium Reflect Standard Edition there is a "Disk Space Management" function included:

Disk Space Management

With this disk-management function, you only can automatically delete backup-images older than .... days or define to keep only a maximum of X full backups. On Macrium.com-Support-Help-How.To-Backup-Manage.Disk.Space you can read an explanation about it.


Strengths: - Powerful imaging and backup features, without hidden extra costs - GPT support (supports 3TB+ discs) - Windows PE Rescue environment/boot menu - Stable and reliable, with low system resource usage

Weaknesses: - While the GUI looks professional, it is only designed for power users. Setting up file backups/scheduled tasks is more complicated than it has to.

Conclusion: After spending days evaluating various backup and drive imaging software, I settled with Macrium Reflect Pro v5. It is the most complete software that is affordable for a user with a Home Network.

The problem is that when it comes to backup/imaging software, the "home/personal" versions are usually too restricted. And the "business/enterprise" versions are on the other hand too complicated and expensive. A perfect example of this is the Acronis product line, "True Image 2012 Home" is too restricted and "Backup & Recovery 11 Advanced Workstation" while great is too expensive for a home user.

This is where Macrium Reflect v5 pro beats the competition. You don't have to compromise with the features, because they sell the personal license cheap. A Household 4 pack license of Macrium Reflect costs $90, to match the feature set an equivalent Acronis solution is $436.

So in other words, I highly recommend Macrium Reflect for power users.

[Edited by sesam, May 20]

[Edited by sesam, May 20]