Macgo Blu-ray Player Reviews

The only Blu Ray player working very well even under Linux

Positive Review by paolobasaglia
about Macgo Blu-ray Player May 2016

This is really the only Blu Ray player that works absolutely very well under Linux using the Windows version under Wine.


Best Blu-ray choice!

Positive Review by randyh
about Macgo Blu-ray Player Dec 2014

The first time I open it on my Mac and browse all its features, I found that the integral style matches up so good with my Mac machine. Then easy operation leads me to throw all my Blu-ray discs to it. most of them works well.


Good Player

Review by JacobBrown
about Macgo Blu-ray Player Dec 2014

Friend Recommended me, I used the trial version, works well for Windows 8.1. I decide to pay for it, for I can not bear watermark anymore with such a good player.


Great works!

Positive Review by William_Green
about Macgo Blu-ray Player Dec 2014

Apple does not make an Apple-branded BluRay player, so I have to buy this. It will plug and play, just fine.
Apple's DVD Player software does not work with BluRay, so I install third party app Macgo Blu-ray Player.
All works fine folks.


Macgo Blu-ray player works well on Win7

Review by Tony1234
about Macgo Blu-ray Player Dec 2014

I won't say it's the best or perfect, while it meets my needs for Win 7 currently. I got Macgo Blu-ray player when I found VLC sometimes failed me when dealing with some Blu-ray issue.


Good enough is good enough, don't doubt it

Positive Review by User3416894
about Macgo Blu-ray Player Sep 2013

About this bluray player for mac, i like these points the most:
1, Completely Blu-ray playback, bluray movies, bluray disc, bluray iso files, bluray movies and discs are important enough in my life.
2, Frequent discount activities, i have been observing this bluray software for a long time, about its upgrading, its improvement, its official website and its users' review. I'm sure frequent discount avtivities is the most cheering thing for our mac and bluray users.
3, HD enjoyment is supportive, the combination of HD display and Blu-ray enjoyment is impeccable in the bluray video market, i can't resist this kind of visual and hearing enjoyment, i'm sure you will not, either.


For blu-ray fans, mac blu-ray playe is a great helper.

Positive Review by Terrymecbethben
about Macgo Blu-ray Player Jul 2013

I came across this mac blu-ray player by chance, it's nothing bad to have a try. You will never imagine how easy to operate it and how versatile this blu-ray player is. My blu-ray discs, blu-ray movies, even DVD videos can be supported by mac blu-ray player. Uh, i can't say this app is perfect, but for experiencing a completely blu-ray enoyment, it's enabled. I'm not sure whether you'll like it, but i like it for sure.