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Mac OS X is a line of computer operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Apple Inc.

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Mac OS X is a line of computer operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Apple Inc., and since 2002 has been included with all new Macintosh computer systems. More Info »


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The mac os is not an alternative to any flavor of windows. To run it you need a Macintosh computer. A true alternative will run on the same hardware. So Windows is an alternative to the mac os as it installs on a mac, but the mac os will not install on a pc (without hacks that are against the EULA).


This comment could have just been avoided by removing mac as an alternative to windows. And macintosh needs to get its head out of the cloud and allow their OS to be on any computer not just their pre-approved 100 times the cost hardware -.-


You can't make alternatives go one-way. Unless maybe you're an admin or something similar.

Also, Apple uses their OS to help sell their hardware. Making it run on anything out of the box would be horrible business strategy. Unless crazy things happen to the company, it will never happen. Microsoft and Apple are two very different business models.
"100 times the cost hardware" is a bit of a stretch. If you search for similarly specced products from other manufacturers, you end up with similarly priced hardware. (the current exception being the Mac Pro.)


I beg to differ I bought my macbook pro for about 2000$ i put together a computer 450$ which ended up better than the macbook pro, maybe not 100* but its not that far off.


Well, that's an unfair comparison. When comparing any laptop to any desktop, the desktop will always win by a large margin. Whether it runs Windows or Mac OS X is irrelevant. It's comparing apples to oranges (pun not intended).

Here's a better price comparison of Macs and PCs.


I like Mac OS X

Positive Comment by OmgItsTheSmartGuy about Mac OS X Dec 2011

Honestly, I like OS X better than Windows. And I could never quite get the hang of Linux. So kill me.


The screenshots aren’t all from OSX, some are from older versions......