Lucidpress Reviews

Not bad

Review by szczekszczekowych
about Lucidpress May 2016

Really nice article....
but I using poster printer from Ronia soft...
Who need url : just print in Google Ronia soft Poster Printer


LucidPress is subscription based garbage.

Negative Review by Eric_S
about Lucidpress and Microsoft Office Publisher Jan 2016

the "free" version allows only 3 pages and 25mb max, does not support printing or exporting, and has another half dozen limitations I can't think of off hand.

Otherwise, it is a monthly subscription, does not import publisher documents properly, and has numerous other bugs that makes it silly and worthless.


Absolutely a Publisher alternative

Positive Review by joetalkstechy
about Lucidpress Jun 2015

Lucidpress has been an incredible value add to my organization. The ability to collaboratively lay out documents is completely invaluable to me.

Highly recommended.