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The ultimate tool for your log 4 Helpful

Positive Review by Orel
about Logmatic.io Jan 2017

Just configure your app with the example conf provided, and do analysis in live an real time in few clicks.

Each issue analysis is now easy, alert monitoring simple to implement.

Nice graph, advanced feature, uniq ip per hour, uniq user, in 3 clicks (realy on ly 3 clicks) draw your response time per url.

We use it every day, from the customer customer to the dev ops.


Beware: Propriertry software

Negative Review by devops-masroor
about Logmatic.io Oct 2016

pricing starting at 49€ per month.


Great log management tool 4 Helpful

Positive Review by xavierleune
about Logmatic.io Aug 2016

We've been using logmatic for more than 6 months now, replacing our old PHP-Syslog NG. Logmatic is much better than any other solution we've tested. You can use it for any kind of logs, from server centric, to user centric and add value to your logs.

If building and maintaining a log management solution is not your job, there is no reason to start doing so complex stuf with open sources softwares, you will put time and money in a skill where you have no added value.

Logmatic is a great product, any serious company should be using it by now.


Huge time saver 4 Helpful

Positive Review by arnaud_lb
about Logmatic.io Jul 2016

Logmatic is awesome. It's a huge time saver for the tech team, since one can easily search logs from all servers/apps in one place, make analyses, and create alerts.

It's fast - low latency, has powerful searching and filtering, and the alerting feature is super useful.


Best of Breed 5 Helpful

Positive Review by georgemcintyre
about Logmatic.io Jul 2016

We were one of the early adopters of Logmatic so we've been using it for nearly 2 years now! It has now become an integral and indispensable part of our engineering, and IT operations. Logmatic consumes 2.8 billion of our log messages each month and allows us to slice and dice this data in real time providing us with alerts, and analyses based on values and metrics it pulls out of the data. Being able to track an issue across hundreds of hosts and applications to pinpoint the root cause would be impossible without the advanced analytics we have in the product. I highly recommend Logmatic

George McIntyre
Vocado Llc.


Perfect match 5 Helpful

Positive Review by franoisvilain
about Logmatic.io Jun 2016

I was searching for an Elastic-Logstash-Kibana stack as a service, Logmatic provided me the perfect solution. This software is very user friendly, no learning curve, no specific knowledge required. And it keeps evolving !


Great tool 4 Helpful

Positive Review by cedriccarbone
about Logmatic.io Jun 2016

Very usefull for log management


Boring logs made useful 5 Helpful

Positive Review by synoptase
about Logmatic.io Jun 2016

Logmatic helps us monitor and analyze our infrastructure but also review our sales analytics in a bliss! It's just about pushing events in a json format. The tool takes care of the rest ; marketing & sales can instantly have the revenue sliced'n'diced by whatever parameters you input.

Great tool!