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by ybnl
about LogicalDOC · Nov 2014 ·

LogicalDOC is a high-performance, intuitive document management system that offers the power of enterprise document management to mid-sized companies and large organizations. LogicalDOC can help any kind of organization anywhere in the world gain control over their documents, with a particular focus on fast content retrieval and business process automation.

Our solution enables your team to create, co-author, and coordinate any number of documents. Increase collaboration and productivity in your organization using LogicalDOC’s next-generation web interface, simple integration into Microsoft Office and Outlook, and automatic import from your shared folders.


Highly Recommended

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Well we are running IT firm mainly do the web development from Auckland, New Zealand and since we have strict rules we have to file lots of documents and we were looking for good Document Management software which help us to manage our needs. We choose 2-3 software but those were failed then we come to LogicalDoc Document Management service provider and we choose trail and we got good results. In fact we improved our working style because of it.

It also help us to increase collaboration among our 3 branches in Auckland and on top they are very supportive.

One thing we liked is that it's easy to install and use so we can give access to junior level staff too.

I would highly recommend them for your documentation work.


I am glad for their service !

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I have seen many products in document management systems and none can compete with LogicalDOC. This is the real high-performance, intuitive document management system. Their support staff are superb! I would highly recommend them.